Here is a video that I took of Ethan this morning. It's nothing spectacular, he was still in his jammies and happily cooing. He is 11 weeks old.


Rhonda said…
I love the moments when they are happy to just sit around and coo. So cute. Molly was sitting in my lap when I watched this. She noticed it when she heard Ethan's first coo and got so excited. She was laughing and squealing at him. We watched it a few times.
Jill said…
Those really are the sweetest sounds. I find myself getting so excited over Maddie's coos and smiles!
Rob and Kelly said…
So cute! I see he still has a love of wine. Hmmmm, interesting :)
Heather Hekman said…
Both kids enjoyed watching it. CJ pointed at it and when it was over said his version of "again". Jenelle said, "That's my cousin." I love the coos, too. So sweet.

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