Weekend update & a scrap layout

It's been a nice weekend so far. Yesterday was Matt's Friday off so we went to Chilie's for lunch. Afterwards we went to the scrapbook store, and Matt was a good hubby and sat on the couch with Ethan while I shopped around for an hour. I still had some gift certificate left over from teaching and so I was able to use them... fun fun :) Today we're just hanging out, Matt's out in the workshop/shed playing around with his dremmel and organizing his tools. I scrapped this morning and now I'm just hanging out with my boy. I posted a few pics below, nothing special.

Ethan has been sleeping through the night regularly now for a couple of weeks... it is WONDERFUL :) I feel pretty good now and am a happy Momma. He usually sleeps from 9:30-6:45, which is a nice full night :) He's been doing well with his naps too, usually he takes 4 naps a day. He is just such a great baby... rarely is he fussy, he's usually just happy and sweet (so far he takes after his daddy in that way.... even keeled and good tempered). I just love being able to stay home with him. A few people have asked if I get bored, but I have to say that so far I have not been bored yet! There is always something to do around the house, somewhere to go or someone to see. Then when I get some free time I like to do something fun like scrap or sew.

My attempt at taking a picture of me and Ethan.

I scrapped for a little while this morning, here is the layout I did.... not the greatest picture.


Tawny said…
I love your pumpkin belly! Cute page too...do you have cricut? I got one for my B-day and it is the GREATEST tool for scrapping!
Christy said…
Bored? ok those people have clearly never stayed home full time with children. I long to be bored one day! ;) Cant wait to see you next week. the pictures are great and he has the best smile.
Patty said…
Yeah, bored?!? I never get to all the stuff on my to-do list.
Ethan sounds like he is similar in personality to Jacob - a content, go with the flow kinda baby. Aren't we blessed? Our second children will likely be high maintenance, huh? :P
christy p said…
Sounds like a GREAT day. Love your layout too!

I am never bored at home...I am so glad you get to stay home with your little blessing!
krista said…
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krista said…
bored...ha :)
nice that ethan is sleeping thru the night consistently...i keep telling myself that day will come! she slept for a 7 hour stretch last night. it was amazing. glad you got some scrapbook shopping time time and scrapping time! cute LO!
Rhonda said…
Yay for sleep!!! I agree with Christy. I long for a little boredom. Just because you have an easy first child doesn't mean that the rest will be terrors. We kept thinking that we had it coming because Merritt and Mason were so easy, but Molly is even more even-tempered than the boys. Ok so maybe that is even one more reason to be done. j/k

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