I don’t actually watch Oprah all that often, but today I did and I was inspired. It was about “freeganism”, which is when people basically live off of things they find, usually in dumpsters. These people make good incomes, but basically dumpster dive and find food and other awesome stuff. It was actually pretty amazing how much great food they found in the trash outside of grocery stores. They do it more for a statement and because they feel like so much good stuff is thrown away, that they can help by using it instead of buying more stuff. They brought about a good point, and one that I’ve pondered often, about consumerism, and how much do we really need. We often work so that we can buy more. Do we really need more? Usually we do not, and we think that by having more it will make us happy, but really it doesn’t.

I’m often dismayed when I find myself wanting more stuff, or just constantly thinking about what new and cool thing I would like to have. As someone who hates clutter, I have to ask mself why would I want to bring more of it into my home? Just because something is a good deal, is really cool, or “might come in handy”, does not mean that I need to buy it. Will buying more clothes, when I already have so much really be a good use of my money? Do I really need more scrapbook supplies and craft stuff? Will more outfits for my cute little boy make us any happier? Most likely my life will go on just the same if I don’t get an item I am wanting, and in fact it just might be easier because then I won’t have to deal with it in the future when I no longer want it.

A couple of years ago I decided to go two months without buying anything that I didn’t need. I actually enjoyed doing it, because it kind of puts things into perspective. I like to shop in particular because I find it to be a fun activity, not because I actually need something. I think I will do this again… I will not buy anything that I don’t need for the month of March. Anyone else want to join me?

My friend Christy H. got it right when she said blogging is the best free therapy ;)


Christy said…
hey Jess, all along I was like "you go Jess!" but then the challenge at the end freaked me out abit. No more black tea from starbucks on the way to school? No extra bag of cookies from clarks. Wait......what about my weekly lunch date with my aunt? UGHHHHHH! You know I cant turn down a challenge. Lets up the fun though and everytime we would go to spend the money on something we put it in a jar and see how much we saved? Do you think we can do it? IM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Kimberly said…
I'm in! Worries me a little, but I have been trying to be more aware of what I buy. I'll post about it in a few days, and for sure link up to you! Thanks for this great challenge!
Kelly said…
I'm in! Being on "house arrest" the past couple of months kind of forced me not to spend any money but now that I can get out (somewhat) I think it would be neat to be aware of how many times I want something and try to justify that it is okay.
Lisa Haveman said…
I also saw Oprah yesterday and couldn't agree more that we spend and waste SO much! I have been in the 'save money' mode and will gladly do this challenge with you :)
Anonymous said… Grandma Van Laar Fredriks would say, "save your pennies, save your rocks, and you'll have tobacco in the old tobacco box!" Wishing you all success in your challenge :) Aunt Deb
Charlee said…
I have to say that show got to me too I am now more aware of what I purchase at the store in terms of fresh fruits and veggies to make sure I can use them all. I also make sure to take all good leftovers home I always have done that. As for no shopping thats tough I love to shop its almost a sport to me. Another thing we can all do to help out is instead of throwing un needed items and outgrown childrens clothes in the trash is to donate it to a cause. I try to donate what I can't give to friends. I jsut did that with 2 years worth of my sons clothes. I gave some to friends then took the rest to donate now I know someone who needs them will get them.

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