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How did I do?

Remember my post about Freeganism? I had said that I wouldn't buy anything that I didn't need for the month of March. Here we are on the last day of March, so I thought let you know how I did. I'd say I did only so-so. I started out really well, and about half way through, I kind of lost steam and forgot all about it. It was not at the front of my mind, and so a couple of times when I went out I bought things I didn't need. My worst offense was when I went to Big Lots looking for a birthday gift, and wound up getting some scrapbook paper that was a really good deal.... something I really did not need (I already have a lot of paper). Another time I went to Kohl's and got a few shirts, however I used a gift card... so I didn't really count that. I know there were a few other times that I purchased things I did not need. Anyhow, let's just say I got a C on my own little challenge... sad I know. At least I was mostly being mindful about what I bought.…

Lots of pictures of Ethan

I took quite a few pictures of Ethan the other day, here are some of them:

Creative Endeavors

We went to Danny & Jolene's church this morning to see Christian get dedicated. Afterwards we went to lunch with them, as well as Jolene's Dad and her brother. It was great to see them. Her dad was down from Montana visiting for a few days, and her brother came for a visit for the weekend (he is a Marine and stationed at 29 Palms). After we got home I decided to do a little bit of scrapping and made a layout for Ethan's book.

These are some burp rags and a frame that I made for my friend Leighann. I went to her baby shower on Saturday. She's going to have a little boy in just a few weeks :)

Linky fun

Some fun stuff I came across.

*56 Things you can toss out now

*An easy remedy for allergies

*Stuff white people like (disclaimer- in no way do I mean this to be prejudiced, but it is a very funny blog)

* Make a fabric covered bulletin board

Friday Fill-In #651. Some relationships are meant to last for a season, others are meant to last for a lifetime.
2. Kenny Chesneyis the last concert I saw; it was right before I started to enjoy country music, so I was really bored.
3. Spring should belonger! I would take spring for 6 months instead of our roasting hot summers.
4. Oh no! I forgot to buy some more maple syrup at the grocery store for waffles this weekend!
5. I've recently started to think about putting together a wedding album (now that it's been almost 6 years since our wedding).
6. Ethan's gigglesnever fail to make me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to some homemade pizza and a movie with my hubby, tomorrow my plans include going to Leighann's baby showerand Sunday, I want to go to church, relax, and then in the evening put the babe to bed and have gourmet cheeses and crackers, a glass of Chimay, and play a game with my hubby!

My week and a couple of videos

It's been a great week and the weather has continued to be very nice. I can't say it enough... I love spring! Matt had Monday off, and it was so fun to have him home. He cleaned all of our windows and did a few other things around the house, we sat out front and drank iced tea and enjoyed the weather, and to top it all off we went out for sushi, and Ethan was an angel. He has had a few days where he has taken a longer nap, but I wouldn't say that he's over his phase (today he took his usual 30 minute naps). It definitely makes the times that he does take a long nap seem extra nice :) Yesterday Ethan found his thumb. Up until this point he's been sucking on his whole hand, or a few fingers, but since yesterday he's been sucking on his thumb. I took a picture of it, and then also took a little video clip. He's not much of a pacifier baby, so I don't mind at all that he found his thumb... makes it easier for me :)

Here is the video clip:

Here is another…

Video of Ethan giggling

This is a video clip from Easter. I was playing with Ethan and he was giggling.


We had a wonderful Easter. The weather was absolutely perfect... sunny and clear and warm. We went to church in the morning and then headed over to my mom's for the day. Danny and Jolene and Christian also joined us. It was such a great day and so relaxing. We had a yummy meal with ham, turkey, candied yams, cheesy potatoes, homemade bread, jello, asparagus and corn. To top it all off Jolene made a beautiful and tasty cake. We spent most of the day outside in my mom's beautiful yard just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I took tons of pictures.

Okay, is this not the cutest outfit? It was fun to dress him up for Easter, I loved the hat :) I have to take advantage while he doesn't care what he wears.
Playing with my boy on the swing

All dressed up in our Easter clothes... Ethan definitely looks the best out of the three of us :)
It's hard enough getting one baby to cooperate for a picture let alone two. As you can se…

A glorious Friday and Saturady

Matt was in San Antonio this week for work and he came back on Thursday night. I was VERY happy to have him back. I miss him a lot when he's gone, especially since I'm home with the baby by myself all day. Of course I wasn't really home, I kept busy, but I was happy to have him home. On Friday we went to Home Depot and got some plants for our yard. We had to replace a few plants, and I got flowers for my pots and a few little flower beds. We came home and dropped the plants off and ate lunch, and then headed out to Rancho Cucamonga because Matt had a meeting. I dropped him off and Ethan and I headed over to Victoria Gardens for a couple of hours. The weather was glorious and I enjoyed strolling around and looking at the shops. Ethan even took a nice 2 1/2 hour nap, and was an angel for me. We came back home and had some wine and pizza for dinner, put the babe to bed and watched a movie. All in all, it was a great day.

Today we worked outside in the yard and got a lot accom…

Jogging stroller

These are just a couple of random pictures that I took today of Ethan laying on my bed.

I put together the jogging stroller and used it for the first time today. The weather was so nice, sunny yet not too hot, so I took Ethan for a little stroll in the stroller. He loves sitting upright and looking out at everything. He looked so cute in his little sun hat. After we got back we layed on a blanket in the grass for a little bit. I love spring! Hopefully this weekend we'll get some pretty flowers planted in the beds in the back yard.