mid week update

Ethan had his 4 month shots today. He actually did pretty well. We had to wait forever to get into a room and he was happy and cooing. By the time they actually saw us it was his nap time and he fell asleep on my shoulder. He screamed when they stuck him, but he recovered pretty quickly and was back to normal. It was better than the last time he got shots. I came home and nursed him and he's sleeping now. Hopefully he'll be good the rest of the evening. He weighs 15 pounds and is 26 inches long. He's in the 39th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for length. It's funny, he seemed chubbier than that to me. I think he's grown in length just in the past few weeks. He's also beginning to teeth.... fun fun. He is a drool machine now. I usually have wet spots on my shoulders and his shirts get very wet, so I've been putting bibs on him. He is SO close to rolling over, I suspect that will happen any day now.

I mentioned a few days back that I was going to only buy things that I need during the month of March. I went to Cabazon on Friday with Jolene and her mom, and I was very happy to realize that it was still February, so I got an extra day before the no spending :) I actually didn't buy much in Cabazon, I think I was already in the mind set. Yesterday I went to Ontario Mills with Faith because she needed to get a jacket. I am proud to say I exercised self restraint. The only thing I got was an Easter outfit for Ethan, which I had been wanting. No, I didn't necessarily "need" it, but oh well, it's my rules so I can do what I want ;) I mean come on, I didn't buy anything else at the mall, that's pretty good!

Last night was our turn to host dinner for our small group and tonight Danny, Jolene, Christian, Jolene's mom Joy and my mom are coming over for dinner. Maybe I'll have some pics to post a little later :)

Still no luck on the bottle... but I haven't tried since Monday. Matt is going to have to be the one that gets Ethan to drink a bottle. I guess if he gets hungry enough in Mammoth, he'll eat! He'll only skip one feeding if he decides not to eat because Matt is going to meet us for lunch and bring Ethan so that I can nurse him. He may have a fussy baby on his hands, but it will only be for a few hours. I do want to get him to drink a bottle again though, otherwise I am very limited in what I can do!

Okay, I have tons that I need to do, I just thought I'd give a little update.


Christy said…
good for you at the mall. I am realizing how much I just pop in here and spend $5 and drive through there and spend $10; crazy really. I have $20 saved just since the first. Could even have another $20 saved but I treated the girls to dinner last night after swimming. I did run in to Trader joes today and JUST buy apples. I have never walked out of there only spending a few dollars. I put the chocolate down I was looking at.....cha-ching...another $3 for my envelope. :)
Charlee said…
Ihave a hard time with restraint when it comes to shopping! I have a serious issue but its not for me its for the kids that I have trouble. Congrats on your restraint! As for the bottle it takes time and practice to get a BF baby to take a bottle and it can be frustrating but if he is truly hungry we will give in and take the bottle.
Rhonda said…
I hate shot days. The last time Molly got shots, she slept most of the day away. I do love getting the update on how they are growing though.
Have fun at dinner tonight. If you read this before then and remember, please give Joy a hug from me and tell her I said hi. I sooooo miss the Meyers.
Tawny said…
Sorry about the shots, no fun :( That's funny about Ethan's weight...Sammy weighed the same (well 10 oz more) and was the same length and they told us that she was in the 95 percentile on both! I'm sure Mammoth will work out...if he's hungry he'll eat, or wait like you said. I had a friend who's baby would wait all day while she was at work and then nurse only after! Wish I could be more help with the bottle :(

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