2 more layouts and a video

I got in some scrapping this afternoon while Ethan napped. This first layout I had done a long time ago, I just had to add the very last picture. In case you can't read the title it says "Watch me grow"

First Bite (Krista, I scraplifted your title on this one, hope you don't mind)Ethan and Cookie this morning

This is a video I took of Ethan the other morning. He was so funny because whenever the music on his toy would play, he would sing. (somehow I posted this twice and I can't seem to get rid of the second one)


krista said…
cute LOs :) (of course i don't mind)
that video made me laugh...too cute!
Nikki said…
His singing is so cute!!!
Christy said…
oh I love when they love to hear themselves, so stinkin' cute! HIs personality is really starting to shine through. :)
Anonymous said…
I love your scrapping Jess. You're so talented- you need to teach a scrapping class! Your family will be blessed in the years to come with all your creative documentation of exciting milestones and just everyday joys:)

Crazy Daisy said…
Your layouts are so great!

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