I just couldn't resist joining in on Organizing Junkie's Basket Carnival. I love baskets. I can't stand clutter and I find that baskets are VERY useful in helping to maintain a clutter free home. Baskets create order, they define a space, and they make what would otherwise be a pile look clean and defined. They also create boundaries and limits. My husband jokes that as long as something is in a basket, I'm happy. I may be anal, but I can find almost anything really quickly in my home. Not only that, I can tell someone else where something is with ease. When everything has a designated space, it makes life much simpler.

I have lots of baskets in my house, they are all over. Not only do I love baskets, I also love to label them with my trusty label maker. Here are just a few examples of how I use baskets in my home.

Part of my pantry
My junk drawer in the office
One of my craft drawers
A pretty basket to hold dog toys in the family room. Cookie knows that all of her toys are in here. She is so good about only playing with these things and leaving Ethan's toys alone. What's funny is that once in a while she'll even put a toy back into her basket.
This is Ethan's dresser. I even have baskets labeled in there (it helps when Matt or someone else needs to dress Ethan)

Baskets to hold books in Ethan's room, and a basket to hold toys on the ground.

My makeup drawer
Another bathroom drawer
A cabinet in one of the bathrooms (I guess these aren't technically baskets, but rather clear bins).
Another bathroom cabinet
There you have it, some of the ways I use baskets! This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have many more of them, but I figure you get the picture :)

If you're a basket affectionado, check out Organizing Junkie's basket carnival for more examples and ideas.


Kelly said…
whoa. I like that you have a "trusty label maker". Haha.

I was just informed by Rob that the bathroom "blew up" (as in not very organized). I may need some baskets!
Becca said…
I love my labelmaker too!! Your organizing looks great!
TLOdenbaugh said…
Hmmm wish my dogs knew that their toys were in the basket only and not to take them out of the baby swing and chew them up in the sprinklers... while I am in the other room... like this morning... grrrr. :0)
Org Junkie said…
Okay seriously your house looks like mine :) Love it!! How much easier is life when you have a home for everything. I took pictures of my makeup/hair drawers as well and just didn't have time to post them. I still will though soon.

Thanks for playing!
Tina said…
Wow! it all looks so nice and organised! I love how you have your makeup, etc so organised :)
Christy said…
your basket addiction, my flip flop one! ;)
Susanne said…
Wow, I'd say you are giving Laura a run for her money on who loves baskets more. LOL. That is wonderful. I'm going to use some of your ideas. Thanks.
Rhonda said…
Wow, and I thought I had a lot of baskets and bins. It does make life soooooo much easier though, especially with kids who like to dump them to find one little toy. Now that I have things organized, he just dumps the super hero bin to find Superman. And I can just tell them to put the all of the super heroes back in the super hero bin and its reorganized.
I think Christy needs a flip flop basket.
Jerri said…
great use of baskets here!

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