Ethan's 6 month apt.

This morning we had Ethan's 6 month appointment. He only gained a pound and a half since the last appointment at 4 months. He now weighs 16.5 lbs (25% percentile) and is 27 1/2 inches long (75% percentile). The doc said I could start feeding him food at lunch time too, so that will make three times a day. He likes to eat, so there's no problem there, he's just a tall skinny baby. He did okay with his shots, screamed but then recovered pretty quickly. Now we'll see how he does this evening. The last two times he's had shots he has been really cranky and crying in the evening. I'm hoping he doesn't do that again, because if that's the case my mom isn't going to watch him and I'll have to miss our Tuesday night dinner with our friends.


Heather Hekman said…
How did Ethan do last evening?
Kelly said…
After reading this I thought of a question. Not sure if you know...

Babies usually gain an ounce a day until when? We have a baby scale at home and are weighing the girls to make sure they are gaining (especially with Julia's eating problems) but after reading your blog I realized they slow down sometime and I should expect to see them gaining as much. Do you when? Or does anyone else know when?

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