I thought I'd post some pictures of the fountain since it's finished. The first picture is from a couple of years ago when we were re-doing the brick. That is me with a sledgehammer getting rid of this odd tile mosaic thing that was in the middle of the brick. I posted this so you could see the area that we put the fountain in before we did anything. It is that big fountain grass behind me. We replaced fountain grass with a fountain.

Here is a picture of the area before putting in the fountain (and after taking out that massive fountain grass).
Matt made a little cement pad and then put 4 pavers on top, and then the fountain on top of that.
Then he put down weed cloth, rocks, a few random pavers, and ground cover. The fountain is hooked up to a timer, so it comes on in the morning and goes off at night. Those windows are to our room, and I love waking up to the soothing sound of the fountain.

Good job honey, once again your handiness and hard work amazes me! I sure do enjoy the results :)


Tawny said…
BEAUTIFUL! I love it!
Heather Hekman said…
That looks great. The hard work paid off!
Kelly said…
So beautiful!! Thats a huge fountain!
Crystal said…
I just love that you're in overalls with a hammer in fist. grrrrrr.
Rhonda said…
Looks GREAT Jess! You guys are shaping that backyard up to be a really nice,relaxing place. Looks like a great place to host some barbeques too. I would definitely be spending my mornings having my quiet time out there.
Christy said…
Love it Jess! Great job Matt. so when were you bbq for us so we can hang out back there? ;)
Ri said…
Look at you go at it with that sledgehammer! The fountain looks really nice -- professional. :-)

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