Happy Blogging Anniversary to me!

I've officially been blogging for a year now. I have 218 posts... that's a lot! I started this blog when I was first pregnant with Ethan so I could share news and pictures. It's been a great way to keep family and friends who are both near and far up to date on all the happenings of our lives. In case you didn't notice, my favorite thing to post about is my sweet little boy :) I've come to enjoy blogging, and I have a ton of blogs that I read everyday (if you don't use a feed reader like Bloglines to read blogs, I highly recommend it, it saves tons of time. It just shows you when one of the blogs you read has been updated, so you don't have to click on a bunch of websites checking for new content). Anyhow, I plan to keep blogging for a long time, so I hope you keep reading :) Happy anniversary to me!


Patty said…
That's weird, Jess because I also started my blog on May 17 last year. Great minds think alike, I guess!
Christy said…
happ day to you! I am glad you started blogging and got me hooked as well. My 1 year is coming this summer. ;)
Anonymous said…
Jessica, how does the feed reader thing work? I feel like I waste a lot of time checking blogs that haven't even been updated. Could I use it even though I don't have a blog myself?


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