a hot weekend

We started out with a cold, drizzly Monday and by the weekend it was roasting hot. On Saturday it was 100 degrees... ugh. Despite the heat we still had a great weekend. I'll give you my usual weekend rundown :)

  • I had my last T-MOMS meeting for the season, we'll start again in the fall. My poor friend Faith just got put on bed rest (she's 22 weeks pregnant with her 5th baby). She has a 14 month old who isn't walking yet that she is no longer allowed to lift. So that she could come to our last TMOMS her husband loaded Grady up in the car and then at TMOMS I unloaded him. I had Ethan in my sling and 25 pound Grady on my hip. Afterwards when we were leaving they were both pretty crabby and they were screaming. All I could do was laugh as I'm trying to lug both of them to the car and they are screaming. Faith is praying that Grady just starts walking soon because this is hard on her. She can't do much now, no chores or walking around or lifting anything because it starts brining on contrations. Her kids will all be out of school soon so this will be a rough summer. Hopefully time will go fast for you Faithy!
  • Faith came over after T-Moms to take Ethan's 6 month pictures. We did most of them outside. The little stinker was content but we could not get him to smile. He just kept opening his mouth wide in this funny expression. He smiles all the time, but do you think he could give us some big smiles for the photo shoot.... no. Oh well, we still got a few cute shots.
  • In the early evening Matt, Ethan and I hung out on our swing and in the backyard for a few hours. After we put Ethan to bed at 7:00 we had a really nice date. We had pizza and wine and sat outside and talked until almost 10:30. It was so great to just be alone and enjoy some adult conversation that didn't center around Ethan :)
Matt and Ethan relaxing on the swing on Friday

  • We went out to Riverside to go to a birthday party. My friend Tawny, her little girl Sammy turned 1. It was a really cute party with a Hawaiian theme. The only bummer was that it was super hot and 103 degrees and the party was out by the pool. Ethan lasted for a little while, but he got hot and crabby and tired, so we only ended up staying for about an hour. Sammy was so cute running around in her little Hawaiian dress and she kept coming up to Ethan and touching him and saying "baby".
  • Later that afternoon we went over to Matt's parents house for some swimming and pizza. Ethan enjoyed his first real swim. Matt had him in the spa because the pool water was a little too cold. He had a blast splashing and just hanging out with everyone.

The guys in the spa (all except for Clay, he wasn't diggin' the spa or the cold water in the pool).
Heather and Jenelle splashing

How nice that his feet follow him wherever he goes. They are a built in toy.

Today (Sunday) we went to church, ran a few errands and then just came home. It's hot once again, but supposed to cool down later in the week. Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Christy said…
ya' we know all about the heat. Morgan had a swim meet in Temecula where it was 101 degrees and not a stitch of wind. The meet was running late as non of the timers were working and I had a cranky 3 three year old who was just about as hot and sick of the sun as her mama! ugh!
Tawny said…
I'm gald you were able to stick it out for that hour...if only I could have planned the weather like I did everything else for the party :( Ethan sure was a cutie in his little Hawaiian board shorts! We will definitely have to plan for some lunch dates this summer...only 17 days of school left!

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