A little better

This morning when I went into Ethan's room to get him out of his crib he looked up at me and smiled... and his right eye was completely crusted shut... poor little guy. I had to wipe it with a wet rag so that he could open it. On the plus side his eye is definitely better today. It's not near as goopy anymore, mostly just red and teary. I know he hasn't been feeling well because he's just been content sucking on his binky in his swing (two things he really isn't usually into). I'm glad his eye is getting better. Let me tell you, gel is NOT EASY to get into an infant's eye. I still have to put the gel into it for 5 more days. Hopefully he'll be well enough to go to the Holland Festival on Saturday.

Today is beautiful. We enjoyed some time outside for a while. I forgot to mention that we got a fountain last weekend. I am in heaven. I just love sitting out and listening to the soothing sound of the water. I love going out there in the morning before Ethan wakes up and having my quiet time. Always makes me feel so serene and close to God when I'm outside. Matt is going to make a little cement pad for the fountain, and then we'll plant ground cover around that. He is going to work really hard in the yard tomorrow to finish up a couple of big projects, so I'll post pictures of it all :)


Rhonda said…
Poor little guy. I will pray that he heals quickly.

I can't wait to see pictures of the backyard.
Charlee said…
Poor baby I hope he gets better soon a sick baby is no fun.

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