My first Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was quite lovely. On Saturday night I told Matt that instead of going out to sushi I'd rather just put the babe to bed and then have a real date with just the two of us. We put Ethan down at about 7:15 and then Matt went and picked up some Gourmet pizza (our favorite), and we had a nice dinner outside in our lovely backyard.

On Sunday Ethan decided to sleep in, and didn't wake up until 8:00 (he normally gets up around 6:30). He is normally our alarm clock, so since I wasn't forced to get up for him, I lazily stayed in bed and we didn't make it to church. It's okay, it's nice to have those days once in a while. We met up with my mom and the Lamprechts at Paneara Bread and had a yummy lunch, then went over and hung out at my mom's. We just lazed around and chatted (well, my mom and I chatted, Matt took a nap on a blanket in the grass). We took a little walk up to the pool by her house and put Ethan in the kiddy pool for a little bit. They have swim diapers you can have, so we just put him in one of those for a little impromptu swim. He thought it was fun and splashed for a while, but then got a little cold and decided he had enough. It was just a nice relaxing day, and Matt was very sweet and accomidating to me :)

While at my mom's I discovered a little hummingbird nest in one of her Crape Myrtles. We were so excited about it because none of us had ever seen one. It was so cute, the mama bird just sat in there and we got pretty close to it. I'm telling you, really it's the little things that excite me :) I guess I'm on a hummingbird kick ever since I got my feeder.

Today is all drizzly and cool, and I guess we'd better enjoy it because it's supposed to be in the high 90's by the end of the week. I tried out my friend Christy's suggestion in treating Ethan's eye homeopathicly, and after only a day his eye is back to normal... hopefully it will stay that way :) The past three days Ethan has slept in later (until 7:30) and then taken decent naps.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the whole 30 minute nap trend is behind us. I hesitate to even share it because I'm afraid I'll jinx myself! I guess we'll see if he keeps it up.


The Keilers said…
How fun :). Yeah, we played hookie last week too and went shooting instead of church, you do need those days every now and then.

I'm curious how you're treating Ethan's eye?
Christy said…
happy mothers day sweet friend. I LOVE the picture. I am glad Ethans eye has improved, leep up the good work and be patient. Homeopathic stuff can take some time and getting used to but it works.
Rhonda said…
Yay for a great first Mother's Day. Being a mom is the best, and you are doing a GREAT job at it!
Patty said…
Yay for good naps! Hope it continues. :)
Heather Hekman said…
Sounds like a great day. You got to be a mom and a daughter. That's the best!

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