Our week so far

The big news around here is that Ethan is cutting his first tooth. It is one of his bottom front teeth. He was a bit cranky for a few days, but seems fine now that it has cut through the gum. It will be so weird to see him smile and have a tooth sticking up. He keeps feeling it with his tounge.

I am feeling better and so is Ethan (besides still being a bit congested), however Matt has now come down with the cold. Hopefully it won't last for long for him.

We've had a nice week and kept pretty busy. Yesterday we went on our first official "play date" with a few other mom's from church. It was a beautiful day to sit outside at the park. The weather is just perfect right now.... sunny and not too hot. Oh if it could just stay like this all summer :)

I am currently taking the very last class I need to clear my teaching credential. It is a stupid health class, and I actually already took it through another school, but then found out after the fact that it doesn't count to clear my credential (just ones before it). So I wasted $500 and my time. Now here I am taking it again. It is so ridiculous because it's pretty much the same content. California makes you jump through the stupidest hoops to clear your credential. The good news is that it is online and it's only 4 weeks long, so I should be able to manage. At least health is an easy topic.

We had dinner at Danny and Jolene's on Wednesday. It was great to see them. Ethan actually did really well and stayed awake until we left at 8:30 (and he wasn't even fussy). It had helped that he had had two really good naps that day. What a difference good naps make! Here are some pictures of the boys:

Ethan chillin' on the floor
Christian was so cute, he was laughing up a storm at his mama. He is crawling everywhere now and pulling himself up on everything. I told him not to give Ethan any ideas because I'm not ready for him to crawl yet.

They are learning how to share
mmmm, toys to chew on
Now I'm off to hopefully make some good progress on my homework. Have a great weekend!


Heather Hekman said…
Glad you got to enjoy the outdoors on a play date. That's fun. I agree that you wouldn't want Christian to teach Ethan the art of moving.:) Cute pictures. Hope your homework goes quickly and doesn't require too much brain power.
Crystal said…
Christian is a lil flirt. Look at that grin.
Ethan's just looks fascinated with his new tooth.
What cuties!
Christy said…
aaaaaahhhhhh, I love watching them grow together. Make sure you post their first fight over a girl ok? he,heeee!
Kelly said…
California DOES make you jump through hoops! I cleared mine through BTSA and it was SOOOO much work, pretty much my credential all over again.

Hey, we can save Christy's suggestion of fighting over a girl...Julia and Ava! HAHA. Then if they got married we could all be in-laws. That would be weird.
Tawny said…
AHHH I'm sorry to hear about the dumb health class-didn't we take that at UCR? Bummer! I am actually jumping the final hoops to clear mine, two years after BTSA...we only have until 2009, and ofcourse they want $55 ontop of the other thing! Gotta LOVE California! That's so exciting about his tooth! Only 8 more days until school is OVER!!!
christy p said…
The boys are soooooooo cute! While I loved seeing my kids smiles get filled up with teeth, I hated the drool. I swear my kids drooled more than most.

I totally hear ya about CA and teachers. I finished my clad in the knick of time apparently. Isn't it lovely that now that all four of my kids will be in school, I can't get a job anywhere???

Have a great weekend!

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