Progress in the yard and a few other things

Saturday we went to the Holland Festival for most of the day. That is a big fund raiser that Redland's Christian School (the one I used to teach at) has every year. Matt has grown up going to this, so it was fun to get to take Ethan this year. They have games and little rides for the kids, lots of junk food, and a huge live auction. I didn't take any pictures, but it was a lovely day. The weather was perfect. We got to eat some goodies from the Dutch kitchen, and hang out with some friends and family. Ethan did really well, he hung out in his stroller for most of the time.

As I mentioned before Matt worked very hard in the backyard on Friday. He completed a little patio in the rear of our yard. He layed some pavers and then filled them in with small rock. He also worked on the little pad for the fountain, but I'll wait to post pictures until the section is complete.

This was actually a picture I took two years ago when we put in sod. I just wanted you to be able to see what this part of the yard looked like before. Nothing in our yard is the same as when we moved in, we have re-done the entire thing. I guess by "we" really I mean mostly Matt. He even put up the fence. He has definitely put a lot of hard work into our backyard, for which I am very grateful because I LOVE spending time out there :)

This was last weekend when Matt did half of the rear patio.

Hard at work, with Cookie coaching from the sidelines.
All done! He even put some weed cloth and mulch around the apricot tree. We are still trying to decide what to plant in the two pots in on the patio, and we're going to add a few more plants to the dirt section. We are also going to get four chairs to go around that table, and then in the corner we are putting a swing (that someone is hopefully going to get for me for Mother's Day) :)
An up close picture of the little section on the left of the apricot tree.
The nice part about this is that it's always shady back here, so it's a nice spot to relax when it's hot out. Good job honey, I appreciate your hard work!
This was today at the Coffee Bean after church. My boys look so handsome in their green :)
After this we went over to Target and Ethan got Matt an early Father's Day gift.... something he has wanted for a long time.... a new BBQ. The one he had been eying went on sale this week, so we went ahead and got it a little early. The old BBQ that we have was a hand me down from Matt's parents and is on it's last leg. It's even duct taped together in a few sections. Matt is very excited to have a nice new BBQ :) It was awfully generous of Ethan to get his Daddy such a nice gift ;) Matt's parents were kind enough to accompany us and take it home in their truck (it wouldn't quite fit in ours). They even took us to lunch at Chilie's. What nice in-laws I have :) Thanks Mom and Dad H!

Per my trend recently, I scrapped while Ethan was napping and Matt was watching the race. I just did a page for Ethan's book.


Tawny said…
You are so lucky to have such a beautiful back yard and a husband to tend to it! Ethan is going to love that yard when he starts running around! Can't wait to see it in person!!!
Christy said…
your yard looks amazing Jess! Great job Matt. :) It was good seeing you at the festival.
The Keilers said…
Okay. Amazing. Hats off Matt! I love the stones, so tasteful. I can't wait to lounge in it and eat Matt's new and improved BBQ :). Someday, hopefully soon. Miss you! (and btw, Stephen's parents are German, but yes, oddly similar to the Dutch.)
Patty said…
The yard looks great! Way to go Matt. :)
Jill said…
nice job on the yard, Matt! It was cool to see it now compared to two years ago.
Heather Hekman said…
Your yard looks great! Glad the rocks fit in so well. Glad you get to enjoy beautiful surroundings as your relax!

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