Ready for more sunshine

After a blustery cold weekend we are ready for the sunshine. We spent most of our time indoors being that it was freezing (not literally, but it was in the 40s). We really didn't do a whole lot since both Ethan and I were sick. I'm feeling better but Ethan still has his cold. I'm ready for the poor little guy to feel good again.

Matt's family came over on Monday for a little BBQ. The sun peeked out so we were able to sit outside for most of our BBQ. We were a little cold, but it felt good to finally be outside being that Memorial Day is always kind of the start of summer. We cooked some good steaks and potatoes and corn on the cob, and enjoyed a nice time together. I only took a couple of pictures and then forgot to get my camera back out.

Ethan and Clayton (his cousin closest in age)
Ethan and I met my brother for lunch today at Panera Bread because he took the week off. It was my third time having Panera Bread in 4 days, yet I'm still not tired of it. It was nice to see him for lunch, as that usually never happens.

After we got home we sat outside for a little bit today and I took a couple of pictures of Ethan.


Tawny said…
Ethan must love being able to sit up in the backyard in the nice weather! Sammy just LOVES to be outside! I also have to say I love your baskets ideas...I would say that I am pretty darn organized, but you really inspired me to be even MORE organized...I'm sure your classroom was PERFECT! I think that will be a goal this summer-more baskets=more organized!
Christy said…
ahhh, feel better soon guys.
Heather Hekman said…
It was wonderful that God let the sun shine on our BBQ in your backyard. Your backyard is family friendly and beautiful.

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