Sick again

Ethan has come down with another bug. It seems like he just got over the last one. Poor guy is all congested and has a bad runny nose and the same eye that has been infected is starting to look goopy. One nice thing, he seems to nap really well when he's sick. I guess he needs the extra sleep. Hopefully this won't last long.

We went from 101 degrees and roasting hot on Monday, to rainy, cold and 50 degrees on Thursday. Crazy weather. This weekend is supposed to be cold and possibly rainy, quite a contrast from last weekend when we couldn't even handle staying outside for long due to the heat.

We don't have much planned for the holiday weekend. We're having Matt's family over to BBQ on Saturday. The whole idea was that we could enjoy our backyard since it's finished, however if it rains I suppose we'll be inside... bummer. Hopefully it will be nice enough to sit outside. That's really all we have going on so far. Crazy thing, I bought groceries for Saturday and it was actually cheaper to buy steaks than it was to buy burgers, buns and all the fixings. I can sure tell the prices on a lot of different items have gone up. Good food is something we enjoy a lot. I love to make different dishes with lots of ingredients and try new recipes. It's really hard for me to scale back and cook more simply, but I'm trying to do that.

This morning I got my house cleaned, the dog washed and my toes and nails done (I did my nails myself).... I'm feeling pretty good that I got all that done :) I think we'll just hang around the house the rest of the day, especially since Ethan is sick. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!


Christy said…
oh sorry hes sick again Jess. Bummer for him and you. The first year of getting all the germs and adjusting their little bodies is hard but he'll be ok. :) The weather is crazy and all I have felt like doing is sleeping. ugh! You got way more done than me. Oh well, theres always tomorrow. ;)
Patty said…
Poor Ethan!! Hope he feels better soon.
I hope it doesn't rain on Saturday either since we are having some friends over and want to grill and eat outdoors. Ah well. At least it won't be 500 degrees!

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