Something I learned yesterday

That root canals are not fun and they hurt. Also, if you have soft teeth like mine, it seems no amount of flossing seems to help. The cavities just take up residence in your teeth and decide the only way they are going to leave is through a dentist's drill. I still have one more appointment to finish getting rid of my roots, then I have to get a monster crown. At least we live in modern times and I didn't have to get my tooth pulled or something. Plus, although my teeth are soft, they are straight and bleach well, so really that's all I care about... it's all about the cosmetics. As long as they look good, I'm happy ;)


Christy said…
ya as long as they look good who cares if they are rotting out! He,heee! Thanks again for today. I hope cookie and Ethan are recovering ok. ;)
The Keilers said…
yes, as long as they bleach, right?
(or did i miss something?)
Rhonda said…
Tooth pain is the worst. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with it, but you are right, it is about them looking good, and yours always look GREAT!
krista said…
what do you use to whiten your teeth?
i am trying crest whitestrips for the first time...just started a couple days ago...

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