I think the days of E sleeping until 7:00 are behind us for now. He has decided that 5:30-5:45 is really when he prefers to wake up. He used to be content in his crib and play for a while... not anymore. He cries and sticks his arms out of the slats of his crib like a prisoner. He is starving when he wakes up so I get him and feed him (as long as it's at least past 5:30). Definitely not my idea of a nice time to wake up.

I'm trying to look at the positive side of this forced start to my day. I think I found it... I've been walking everyday :) If he were to sleep until 7:00 I may just decide it was already too warm to go for a walk, but since 6:00 is such a delicious time of morning outside this time of year, I throw my clothes on and go.

The crisp air feels wonderful. I get my blood pumping and wake up. I get to see the sun rise over the mountains. Since it's summer there aren't as many people out and about. No buses going to pick up kids for school. No moms frantically trying to get their kids somewhere on time. It's much quieter, and I have to say that I do enjoy the time. As long as I get to bed at a decent hour (that means before 10:00 for me), I can handle getting up at 5:30-5:45.

The one time I definitely do not want to get up at 5:45 is on the weekend. How come babies and kids don't come with snooze buttons, or know somehow that it's the weekend and they need to give their parents a break?


Faithy said…
haha! I feel your pain. I've been there before and will be there again :) At least you are being productive with your early morning time. I'm envious! Enjoy it while you can.
krista said…
I totally feel you on this one. UGH. I am so tired! Maddy woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning and 4:00 this morning (but then kind of went back to sleep until 5:30ish. The only time I get to see Ben is when he is done studying around 11pm-ish so I have been staying up way too late too. It is catching up with me....
Good job taking advantage of the early mornings and walking. I need to be better about that. Instead I just take Madyson to bed with me and hope, hope, hope that she will go back to sleep. It never happens but it is nice to cuddle in bed with her :)
Patty said…
Jacob wakes up between 5 and 6 too. He usually just babbles to himself until I get him up at 6:00, but yesterday morning he woke up at 5 and was doing this horrid screech. He did fall back asleep at 5:30, but that was not a fun half hour! It is kinda nice to get an early start, though. We walk every morning too! Nice way to start the day. :)

We may all look back fondly on these days when the kiddos are older and we can't get them out of bed in the morning! Ha Ha HA
Christy said…
Babies DO have a snooze button on weekends, its called "DAD!" he,heee! Hang in there girl. He'll start sleeping through later and you'll wake up wodering what he's up to like I do with Ryanne. ;)
TLOdenbaugh said…
5:30??? I wish. ha ha. At least I know we will get there someday!

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