8 months

This is a little late because Ethan turned 8 months while we were in Colorado. Wow, he's 3/4 of a year old... crazy how he went from being a little lump that could hardly move or do anything, to a little guy with such personality in only 8 months. He is so much fun right now. I love how much he giggles and laughs. He also does a little shy act when strangers or people other than Matt or myself talk to him. He also does this funny thing where he bats his eyelashes really slowly and turns his head away, it makes us laugh.

While in Colorado Ethan figured out how to roll all over the place and scoot. He can not scoot across the room. He scoots especially well on our wood floors. I've started to baby proof and put things out of his reach. He's gotten up on his knees and rocked a few times, but hasn't done a real "crawl" yet. I thought I was busy before... but I can see I will be much much busier the faster he gets. Each day he seems to get a little bit faster.

His attention span seems to have gotten even shorter. Gone are the days where he was content to jump in his swing or play in his exercauser for 20 minutes. His new limit is about 5 minutes, and then he wants to be on to something new.

He has separation anxiety now sometimes. He can be really clingy and only want me, and when I put him down he screams. It's a lot of fun :)

Ethan's appetite has gotten to be pretty big. He loves to eat food and has started to feed himself cereal puffs and other finger foods. He is loving cottage cheese, spinach and cheese all mixed together. We got that idea from his Auntie Jolene.

His napping has gotten much better this past month and the days of the half hour naps seem to be behind us (I hate to blog about this because I'm afraid to jinx myself). Since he requires constant supervision now when he's awake, I am really appreciating these more normal naps.
Ethan was so funny when we were trying to take his picture. He kept hugging his teddy bear and wresting with it. Here are is a video of him:


Tawny said…
I can hardly believe that Ethan is 8 months old! I feel like when I think of him, he is just a little baby still! What a cutie he is with the teddy bear, good luck with that when he is crawling and walking!
So the cottage cheese and spinach...what do you do? Is the spinach cooked? Sammy LOVES cottage cheese, so I would love to make some variations with it!!! You are always so great with cooking healthy stuff. I try to do what I can for Sammy so that she doesn't pick up my HORRIBLE eating habbits!!!
Christy said…
ahhh, yay get that bear Ethan. So stinkin' cute!
Charlee said…
Wow he will be moving around the house faster then you think! Its fun but tireing when they learn to carwl and walk nap time will soon become your best friend. He is way too cute!
Heather Hekman said…
Wow, Ethan's 8 month picture is so cute and great coloring! Just seeing him wrestle the bear is much more movement than I've seen him do! Fun times.
Amy said…
Ahh- he's so cute and getting so big!

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