BBQ Ribs... yummy

On Sunday in Colorado we had a BBQ. My Uncle Roger brought over two smokers and spent the afternoon smoking us some delicious pork ribs. While he worked his magic we enjoyed the beautiful mild weather (it was in the high 70's, low 80's) and hung out outside.
Ethan sure enjoyed all the attention from everyone.

We brought the table outside and had a wonderful meal. Here we are enjoying the delicious ribs.... mmmmmm.
Now Matt wants to get a smoker (he already wanted one, this just made him decide he wants one even more).

My little brother just can't resist teasing and harassing me. The bottom two pictures are my Aunt Kami and Uncle Roger (Kami is my dad's youngest sister) and their dog Jackson. Jackson is a rat terrier like Cookie. Too bad Cookie wasn't with us, they would have had a blast playing. We also would have wanted to drop her off on the side of the road because she would have driven us nuts in the car for 14 hours.


Patty said…
70s & 80s - so jealous of that weather!

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