Bone Thief

Now that Ethan is somewhat mobile he thinks it's fun to scoot over to Cookie and "play" with her. Cookie is very tolerant. She doesn't do anything when he pulls her fur and steals her bones and toys; she is such a good girl. This morning I took a little video clip of Ethan stealing Cookie's bone from her. He would take it and she would gently take it back and scoot away from him. He would then scoot over to her and take it again. I had a good laugh and am glad Cookie is so great with him.


Heather Hekman said…
That's sweet how patient Cookie is. Maybe her time at our house made her more appreciate of Ethan and how he's not moving so fast...yet.:)
Rhonda said…
That is so cute.
Just wait until he decides to try and eat the bone like Cookie does.
I'm finally caught up on your blog. I have been so busy and got really behind.
The pictures in the pool are pretty cute. And I love the bathtub pics. How fun!
I'm glad you had a nice time in Colorado. We are actually leaving Wednesday for Colorado. We are driving too but not through the night. We did that when Merritt was a baby and said that was the last time we would do that.

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