Crafting with Friends

Faith and I and our babies went over to Leighann's today to scrapbook. I didn't actually scrapbook but I did make some cards. I also played some Wii fitt :) The babes were all really good, and they all took turns napping. We didn't get a ton done, but it was nice to hang out and craft together.

These are the youngest babies of our Tuesday night small group. They are all about six months apart. We keep saying that we need to get a picture of all three boys together, but usually someone is sleeping, eating or not with us. Today they were actually all awake and together at the same time so we tried to snap a picture.

Hmmmm.... not such an easy task. Here they are:
  • Jonathan: 3 months
  • Grady: 16 months
  • Ethan: 9 months
And the Mama's with their babies. We had Gracy (Faith's oldest daughter) take this after Faith had picked her 3 older kids up from VBS (which was down the street, which was why she was able to come scrap with only Grady). Grady won't be the baby for too much longer... he's going to have a new brother or sister in about 6 more weeks!

Yesterday we went over to my mother in law's house for some swimming and lunch. Matt's cousin Kim was out visiting with her two children, and Heather and her kids came as well. It was nice. Ethan was ready for a nap when we got there. He took an hour to fall asleep and then slept for an hour and a half, so I got to swim by myself :) He didn't end up swimming. By the time he woke up the party was pretty much over. Good thing he doesn't know that he missed anything.


Jill said…
What a fun day!
Kelly said…
I love when it takes Cam a while to fall asleep (as long as he's happy). It's just that much longer I have time to get things done! :)
Heather Hekman said…
It was nice hanging out with you. Glad you got to have fun with friends.
Tawny said…
How fun to have a "craft day"!!! Your boys will have so much fun together when they are older and playing on their own...then the mommies can all have a glass of wine!!!

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