Estes Park & Rocky National Mountain Park

On Monday while we were in Colorado Matt, me, Ethan, my mom, Beth and my grandma went up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. It is only about 45 minutes from Fort Collins. We drove into Rocky Mountain National Park and drove up Trail Ridge Road, the highest road in the nation. It is closed much of the year due to snow. In fact near the top it is below zero for 5 months of the year.... brrrrr.

We drove into the park and found a visitor's center because I had to use the restroom and feed Ethan. I pulled him out of his car seat and there was poop everywhere. I don't normally blog about poop, but this was exceptional. It was running down his legs and even got into his toes. The antibiodics had made it runny and really smelly. Matt held him in the air and I had to strip him down and wipe him off. I then washed his shorts in the bathroom and we dried them on the dash in the car. That is why he is not wearing any pants in this picture, this was taken after I cleaned him up. It was quite a mess! There were people getting out of their car chuckling at us. Anyhow, we got it cleaned up and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. The first few pictures are at the bottom of the park, before you start driving up the road. We drove to the very top of those mountains behind us.

The bottom picture is my Grandma and Beth at one of the pullouts.

This was at a pullout. Near the top it turns into tundra and trees do not grow because of the high altitude.

Matt and I at the very top of Trail Ridge Road. They had a gift shop and snack shop. Ethan was sleeping so my Grandma stayed in the car with him while we got a snack and snapped a few pictures. I love that there is snow and I have tank top on, haha. It wasn't that cold... it felt like it was in the 60's at the top.

Near the top of Trail Ridge Road. It went a bit higher than this.

I was so excited to see some elk. They were right next to the road chillin' and eating as if no one was driving right next to them. We also saw a few males with huge racks but I didn't get any pictures of them.After driving Trail Ridge Road we went back into Estes Park (it is a really cute little town) and hung out. We ate some lunch and then my mom, Beth and Grandma went and looked at some shops. Matt, Ethan and I just strolled along the riverwalk. It was so beautiful with the rushing river, the green grass and trees, and the peaceful breeze. I could have stayed there for hours.

Standing with Daddy
One of our many pictures taken with Matt's arm
I really wanted to play in the river. The most I did was dip my hands in it.
Tired boy sleeping in his car seat
What an amazing day it was getting to visit such a beautiful place. I could have spent much longer there just soaking in God's beautiful creation.


Tawny said…
BEAUTIFUL pictures! I was laughing at your tank top too, that's a California girl for ya!
Christy said…
How fun! When Ryanne was just 5 days old we went up there and it was amazing! Its funny that Ethan exploded from the altitude change! he,heeeeee. Gotta' love how kids throw the "adventure" into the journey huh? ;) Miss you! When do you come home??
Heather Hekman said…
I'm glad you all had such a great family vacation. That's neat. Wonderful pictures, too.
Eileen said…
I'm thoroughly enjoying hearing about your travels and seeing all your wonderful pictures! Love ya.

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