Funny faces and injuries

If you look really closely you can see one of the huge blisters on E's feet from scooting.
Mama the paparazzi is at it again. Ethan was making funny faces.

On Friday Ethan took a digger face first into the carpet. He skinned up his nose pretty bad. He's resilient and it is getting better, but it looks so sad. The same day he also scooted into the doorway, the wine rack and a wall. I'm sure this is the first of many more self inflicted injuries.
Here is a video clip of Ethan scooting yesterday. I'm telling you, he gets faster every day.


Charlee said…
I think boys should come with a lifetime supply of bandaids and neosporin! or they should discount it for mom's of boys! But he is still a cutie.
Tawny said…
Ahhh poor Ethan...that nose pictures would be a perfect match for Sammy's horrible bang up that one day about a month ago! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday :)
Jolene Grace said…
Oh jess, I feel your pain! Poor little Ethan...and your poor blood pressure! He is getting so darn cute and so darn close to crawling. Look out!
Christy said…
oh man! Its only the beginning. And if hes anything like our girls that skinned nose will seem like a tiny little nothing when he starts running. ;) Hes so cute though i barely noticed the nose. :)
Heather Hekman said…
Love all the pictures. He's such a cutey. It is sad to have to wait for the owie to go away. Makes you appreciate an owie-free face.:)
Crystal said…
Those blue eyes get me every single time. HE'S JUST SO CUTE!

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