I call this....

...my big girl sippy cup. Yes, this is mine. It is for people like me who no matter where your glass of water is, you manage to knock it over and spill it making a huge mess.

This usually occurs shortly after you've filled it full of ice and water.

This is also handy when you have a baby who grabs and bats at anything and everything near him and manages to spill your water for you on the rare day that you don't do it yourself.

It's also plastic, so it won't break and shatter glass all over your floor for your baby to crawl in, or for you to step on which would cause a bloody mess.

One great feature about this is that it's double lined, meaning it won't sweat all over your coffee table or dining table. No one likes wet rings on their furniture.

The one question I have is why didn't I just get one of these a long time ago? It sure would have saved me a lot of cleanup.


Patty said…
I have 2 of these and Alan has one. Love them! Ours aren't double thick, though. That's a nice feature. :) Jacob loves them too and whines for me to let him have a sip whenever I am drinking out of one.
The Keilers said…
and where is your sippy cup from? (i want one.)
Jessica said…
It's from Target :) However I think you could find them in other stores.
Faithy said…
Hehe! I love it! I need to get one. I can't tell you how many times my kids(not just Grady) have knocked over either James or my water. I'm going to get us both one!
Christy said…
I have a big girl (blue) sippy cup. I have one because I want to take my water where ever I go and it helps me keep track of how much (or little) I am drinking during the day.
Anonymous said…
I wonder why you JUST got one too!I've had a big girl sippy cup for some time, and well, let's face it, you are a little more on the clumsy side than me. ;-) Love you!


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