Mr. Scooty McScoot

Silly title, I know. Here are three little video clips of Ethan scooting yesterday. It's nothing terribly exciting. I'm really not kidding when I say that he gets faster everyday. Today he's already faster than yesterday!

I can't remember if I mentioned that he is now saying "da da". He doesn't know what it means yet, but it's his new favorite thing to say.

Oh, other exciting news.... today Ethan sat up on his own twice (from the crawling position). I am quite happy about this as it will make my life easier! When he wants to sit up I won't have to come help him out.

We spent the night at my mom's last night and Ethan did great. It was Cookie who drove me NUTS. She is obsessed with trying to be friends with my brother's new kitten and the other cat, and I seriously wanted to chuck her into the green belt next to my mom's house. She would not leave those cats alone, and she was wining constantly. Arggghhh.


Heather Hekman said…
That's crazy how Ethan's progress is noticeable daily! That's neat that he is figuring out how to sit up on his own. Yeah. Funny how Cookie longs for companionship and acceptance, huh? Glad she is back in her own environment.:)
Kelly said…
How funny that we both visited Melting Pot and blogged about it, though we both rarely go! Yes, that is Kirstin. I go to her church, where her husband is the pastor, Sanctuary. :)
Tawny said…
That takes alot of muscle to scoot like that...almost more than crawling it seems! He looks adorable doing his thing...your toes look great too :)
Amy said…
That is too cute! He's getting so big.
Christy said…
cute. cute! oh an BAD COOKIE> DOnt make me let Ryanne come over and bring her "special" choc. cookies again. ;)
Eileen said…
That is just too darn cute. Makes me feel like I'm there watching his progress! Keep uploading!

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