One of my random posts

  • Matt got home late last night. Yippeee! I'm so happy to have my hubby home. I miss him so much when he travels. He is pretty tired. We'll probably just be laying low and relaxing this weekend.
  • My mom and Beth got us a smoker for our anniversary. We're looking forward to smoking some meat. I think we'll start out with a chicken and then move onto some tri tip or something. Thanks guys, that was really thoughtful of you!
  • The ants around here this year are seriously driving me INSANE!!! I even had them get into Ethan's dirty hamper because there was dried food on his clothes, argh. We have sprayed and sprayed and set out traps, but they keep coming. This is the worst year yet. They keep coming in through my baseboards. I might break down and hire someone to come out to try to get rid of them.
  • Poor E has two blisters on one of his big toes from scooting so much. He uses it to scoot himself and has his other leg sticking up in the air. One great thing about his mobility... he is much more tired and is napping GREAT. I can handle chasing after him when I get to have three nice breaks a day. Yesterday I cleaned the house during his first two naps. Yay for a clean house :)
  • I have gotten my booty out of bed and gone walking for 40 minutes three mornings this week. E gets up at 6:00, I nurse him, then head out the door for a walk while it's still cool. He enjoys just sitting in his stroller sucking on his binky, cuddling with his teddy, and taking in the scenery. My goal is to get back into decent shape, hopefully loose a few pounds, and to just feel healthy again.
  • My drink of the summer: Starbucks skinny grande iced vanilla latte with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. I could honestly drink one everyday, but I'm trying to limit myself to one or two a week as they are pricey. To save money I make them at home too with my espresso maker and sugar free Torani syrups :)
  • I love blue cheese, and especially Gorgonzola. I eat it on salads and it tastes so yummy with steak.
  • I am about halfway to a new camera. I am saving for a Cannon 40D, a lens and a bag to go along with it. It's slow going, but someday I'll get there. I do several mystery shopping jobs a month, so that is my "fun money" that I have been saving.
  • I found this article (blog) about CFL lightbulbs. Interesting. Perhaps they're not as great as everyone thinks.
As soon as E wakes up we are off to Costco. My list is huge, which means my bill will be huge too :( Stay cool and enjoy your day!


Kelly said…
Cam also wakes up at 6:00 (well, let's be honest, more like 5:45). We go for a walk or bike ride every day as it helps sooo much in waking me up and getting me energized for the rest of the day. :)
Krista said…
I am really glad that you didn't know that you can upload more than one pic at once too :) Makes me feel better. It's an option on the pop-up box when you are uploading. If you can't find it, let me know. I will try to give you better directions to find it...I am sure you will see it though.
Christina said…
I just wanted to pop up to say that my husband Dan's FAVORITE earthly possession is his Weber Smokey Mountain smoker ... we eat a lot of ribs and pulled pork in our house. It's a fun hobby, enjoy! :)
Heather Hekman said…
That's so sad that Ethan has blisters. Have they slowed him down? Glad he is tiring himself out so you get some quantity and quality down time.:)
Crystal said…
Okay, I feel like I can't say this enough....Ethan is just so stinkin cute! My goodness.

And I too love blue cheese & gorgonzola. That salad I made is awesome with blue cheese instead of feta (I just hesitate to bring it with blue to a get together, b/c not everyone likes the aged taste of blue).

Thank you for your sweet words. I miss you so much!

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