Proud to be Standing

Last night we had our weekly dinner with our friends. Jeff and Carmen were so kind to pack up dinner and bring it to the pool at their association so that the kids could all swim. We normally don't bring kids, but James and Faith didn't have a sitter. Since it was at the pool I told my mom she didn't need to babysit and we'd just bring Ethan. He did wonderful and was a good boy all the way until we left at 8:00. It's so nice he is able to stay up a little later now.

Anyhow, we got home and put him to bed and he was so tired, but he decided to play for about 30 minutes. He was just rolling around, talking and playing. After a while I heard him start crying and it sounded funny, so I went in to peek.

I was so surprised at what I found, he was standing up! I called Matt in to see and we laughed. He was so proud of himself standing there, but was unsure of how to get back down, haha. I was surprised because he had never even pulled up to standing in front of me. This morning he did it again so I took a few pictures. I love how proud he looks.

Don't mind the miss matched dirty jammies in this one.


Patty said…
Whoo Hoo! Let the fun begin. Time to move things up out of the reach of curious hands. :-P Now that he has figured it out, he'll want to stand up to everything!
TLOdenbaugh said…
He is such a cutie! I can't get over it :0).
Beth said…
Adorable!! He definitely looks proud of himself! :o)
Heather Hekman said…
He's changing and growing up so fast!
Anonymous said…
So fun! You will now be able to empathize with my craziness! It is amazing what they can reach. He sure looks cute though!
Christy said…
whoo-hoo! I am thrilled when I can stand up in the morning as well! ;)

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