Tired Tuesday

I'm sitting here at my mom's house and my brother's new little kitten (who still does not have a name) is on the desk attacking the words as I type them on the screen. It is cracking me up.

I spent the night last night because my hubby is out of town for the week. He started a new job today and is spending the first week out of state. He then comes home for the weekend (and just in time for our 6th anniversary), and then will be out there again all next week. I'm trying to think of something super fun for us to do for our anniversary. Of course it has to be after Ethan goes to bed (so that means we can leave at 7:00), since the little turkey still will not take milk or formula unless it comes from my boob. Well obviously formula can't come from my boob, but you know what I mean.

Sorry, I know I just said boob on my blog. My excuse is that I'm tired and feeling a bit punchy. Anyhow, I sure do miss Matt when he's gone!

So last night I came over to my mom's for Taco and Bachelorette night. My mom does taco Monday with her best friend and her daughter every Monday. After screaming at the TV because Deanna picked Jesse (who my mom was voting for, but I was voting for Jason) we went to bed at Midnight. Ethan decided 5:20 would be a grand time to wake up, so I didn't get a ton of sleep last night. The funny thing is that I still woke up and hour and a half earlier than my mom and she is the one that had to go to work.

I can't see the screen because there is an adorable kitten in my way. haha, every time I move the mouse he follows it.

Spending a night at my mom's isn't quite as easy as it used to be. Not only did I have to pack up Ethan, I had to pack up the dog too. I'm like a circus side show now. Ethan is napping now. Once he wakes I'm going to the grocery store and then I'll head home. I'll stop boring you with my randomness. Once I get home I have some pictures to post. I'll be back :)


Christy said…
formula doesnt come out of your boob? Crap! I was so mislead. I feel cheated as we speak. So where does it come from? ;) Ok, I dont want to add insult to injury but I got to sleep until 9am!!! he,heeee. And when I woke up I looked in morgans room and both girls were dancing in their underwear with barbies to Morgans CD player. So cute.
Charlee said…
If you think 1 kid and a dog are a circus I have 2 and a dog when we spend Thursdays and Fridays at my parents house!

I had to laugh about the formula and boobs comment they said its just like breastmilk. My son was the same way he would rather starve then have a bottle. I couldn't leave him unitl he was on a sippy cup and even then he wouldn't take the milk only juice.

Good luck to you and happy anniversary.
krista said…
Hope you guys have a fun anniversary!!! What is Matt's new job??
I know the feeling of little sleep lately. I have been staying up late and Maddy has been waking up at 5:30ish too. Ugh. And then she wants to nap at 9-ish and I need a nap too (but don't get one).
And I totally know the feeling of being a circus show. I forget what it is like to not have to pack up my whole life in order to go somewhere for anything longer than a couple of hours!
Tawny said…
I was SOOO upset at the Bachlorette last night too! I couldn't believe it! Poor Jason :( Sorry about your tired Tuesday! I emailed you about a lunch date, let me know what you think!
Heather Hekman said…
Mike says, "That's good. It's easier to get rid of a nameless cat."

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