A visit with friends

Yesterday my friend Tawny and her sweet daughter Sammy came over. Tawny and I met in the credential program at UCR. We don't get to see each other often, but it sure is nice when we do :) I set up Ethan's little pool and we let the kids splash around and play. Thankfully the weather was a bit cooler so it wasn't too bad hanging out outside in the afternoon.

Sammy was so cute running around saying her little words and playing with everything.

I was too lazy to put Ethan's bathing suit on, so he's just in a swim diaper. White trash baby :)

E mostly liked to chew on the little balls.
He wasn't very nice about sharing with Sammy.
Ethan was ready for a nap after only about 30 minutes, so I put him down and chatted with Tawny while Sammy amused herself with the pool and with Cookie. After Ethan woke up from his nap we enjoyed some yummy chips and salsa and guacamole that Tawny made.

When Matt got home we had him take a picture of the four of us. It took like 10 tries because the babies wanted down, but we got one good shot :) Tawny got a new camera so I was playing with it for a little bit. It makes me want mine all the more! :)
It was so nice to see Tawny and Sammy. Thanks for coming over Tawny!


Heather Hekman said…
How fun to get together. Keep encouraging the sharing. I keep trying hoping someday it will kick in.:) It does sometimes and I'm thrilled.:)
Christy said…
that is such a cute photo of you all. How nice to visit with old friends huh? Even if you had white trash boy in the pool. ;)Its ok mama, all kids need to be white trash sometimes.
Tawny said…
We had a blast coming to your house...but I don't think that it was Ethan that wasn't sharing, rather Sammy stealing the ball from him :( Poor little guy, he had every right to fuss about it! Thanks again for the CD and great time...can't wait to plan another day for August before I go back to school! Let me know what works???
Oh...and wine tasting was fabulous, I totally recommend it for you and Matt, so close, yet perfect amount of time away...and Sammy did GREAT with Grammy!

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