A weekend with our friends

We had such a great weekend. Friday Matt came home from work just a little early and we packed up and booked it out to Nuevo to meet up with the Flores fam. We went to Temecula and went to dinner at South Coast Winery to celebrate Danny's birthday. South Coast is a beautiful place and we got to eat outside on a beautiful patio overlooking the winery as well as a wedding that was taking place. We had declious food, a couple of good bottles of wine, and enjoyed our meal immensley. The boys were very good. It helped that we sat outside. They enjoyed chomping on their cereal and biter biscuits.
The guys. It makes me laugh that Ethan is the only one looking at the camera.

Our table at the restaurant. The weather was perfect.

The Flores Fam
Playing with our boy
This picture cracks me up, what a little ham. That is not a shirt he is wearing, that is a dishcloth that someone made into a bib for me. It's really handy as it keeps his shirt very protected from messy fingers and falling food.
Happy Christian
After dinner we went back to the Flores Casa. We stayed the night in their beautiful guest bedroom. We put the boys to bed and enjoyed some adult time. Unfortunately I was VERY pooped from having been up most of the night before thanks to our neighbor's barking dog, so I didn't last all that long.

The next morning Jolene made us a fabulous breakfast and we immediately started playing Wii Fit, which Jolene had just received for her birthday. I am not a video game person, but the Wii Fit is SO MUCH FUN! We seriously played this from 8:00 in the morning until we left at 5:00! We all took turns and it was just a blast. For those of you who don't know what the Wii Fit is, it's basically a balance board that you hook up to your Wii gaming system, and then you stand on it to do all sorts of games. We skiied, did yoga, head butted soccor balls, hoola hooped, did strength training mooves, did running races, and Jolene and I boxed. There was tons more we did too. All the while we hung out, took care of the babes, and just relaxed.

Around noon we ordered in some pizza. Wii fit is one video game I would actually love to have. On Sunday Matt and I were actually sore from having played the Wii fit so much. I guess it really does do something! Thanks so much for having us over Danny and Jolene!

Sunday Matt and I went to church and then had lunch with the Oates at Panera Bread (and also my mom who happend to be there with her friends too). We then went straight to Matt's parents house and put E down for his nap.n They were out of town but didn't mind us using the pool. Then we relaxed and floated on rafts in the pool for two glorious hours. It was so nice to be able to do that. We used to do that every single Sunday but haven't since having Ethan. After E woke up we got him suited up and he had a blast splashing and kickign in the pool. I'm glad he loves the water so much.

We came home, BBQed some hot dogs, put Ethan to bed and plaed some Boggle. It was a really relaxing day and a great weekend! Now my mother in law is coming over to watch Ethan while I head off to the dentist for my sixth, and hopefully LAST appointment to get my crown put on my tooth.


Rhonda said…
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Rhonda said…
Yummy. One of my friends got married in Temecula last year. We had the rehearsal dinner on that patio of the South Coast winery. My friend stayed at the South Coast winery the night before the wedding and then the bridal party spent the day of the wedding in the spa there. What fun and very yummy food!
Crystal said…
Oh so much fun. I love the crinkle nose picture of Christian, priceless :).

Miss you both. a lot.
christy p said…
Ohhh I am so jealous. We have stayed/eaten there before. DELICIOUS. Your photos are precious!
Heather Hekman said…
Glad you had such a fun family/friends weekend. Sounds great!
Tawny said…
Isn't that place BEAUTIFUL!!! The Patio is gorgeous too! That is so great that both your boys are so good that you can enjoy such a nice dinner! I love the picture of you and Matt playing with Ethan! TOo cute!
Rhonda said…
Hey Jess,
I was using our Canon digital rebel XTi w/50mm f/1.8 lens for most of the pictures.
AND a pioneer is someone who is the first to settle in an area, whereas settlers came in after the first settlement and joined others already there.

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