A yummy, smokey Saturday

This weekend we decided to try out our new smoker. We chose to do a whole chicken for our first smoke. Matt prepared a brine in the morning and let it marinate for a few hours. He then rubbed it down with a mixture of lemon pepper, rosemary, paprika, and salt. Around 1:00 he got the smoker fired up with some apple wood and then put threw on the bird. This was a big bird... around 5 pounds (from Costco).

It smelled really good. It reminded me of camping and made me wish were in our favorite camping spot in San Simeon.
The weather was really nice (a lot nicer than it has been), and so we enjoyed hanging out outside part of the time while the meat smoked. We had anticipated it taking around 4 hours, but Matt didn't keep the fire quite hot enough, and the bird was extra big, so it ended up taking closer to 7.

We filled up Cookie's little pool for her to enjoy. I use the term pool lightly here because really it's just a plastic bin filled with water. Ethan thought it looked like fun and scooted over to it from the grass. He started splashing in it so we just took off his shorts and set him in it and let him play. He thought it was great and had so much fun giggling and splashing.
Here is a video clip of him playing in it:

Here is Cookie while Matt was preparing the bird.
This was during bath time. The bird was still smoking. Cookie likes to hang out with us wherever we are.
So we put her in the bath with Ethan. It was funny. She just stood there.
Then she decided she wanted out. This picture makes me laugh because she has three paws out of the water and only one paw in it.
We put Ethan to bed and had to wait a bit longer for the chicken to get to the right temperature. We were salivating at this point. It smelled SO good. Finally around 8:00 the bird was ready. It was well worth the wait.

Here is our finished product. Delicious smoked chicken, sweet potato french fries sprinkled with rosemary salt and dipped in spicy ketchup, and fresh squash courtesy of Matt's parents. I had never made sweet potato fries and they were so yummy. I used my mandoline to slice them, and they ended up being a bit thin. Next time I make them I'll just cut them by hand and make them thicker.
This was seriously the best chicken we had ever had. It was well worth the wait. It was tender, smoky and just delicious. We will be making more of these for sure.

While we were eating Matt threw a salmon breast on the smoker. Today for lunch we enjoyed smoked salmon salads... they were delicious. We'll definitely be smoking more meat around here. I think the next thing we'll do is tri tip or a pork butt for some pulled pork.


Tawny said…
Omigosh that looks delicious...is that what we are having for lunch on Tuesday? That is sure nice of Matt to stay home and cook for us :) Wishful thinking right???
Heather Hekman said…
Glad this chicken was worth waiting for. Did it just fall off the bone? You are so adventuresome in trying new things. Very cute of Ethan in Cookie's "pool", too.

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