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Pictures from the weekend

First off I just have to say I don't know how you people in the south do it.... we've had a couple of weeks of humidity and I hate it. I know it's not near as bad as what you have (Crystal), but I am very ready for it to be gone and to have some nice fall weather, or even just dry heat. We mostly stayed in the air conditioning this weekend

Matt and I had a nice evening on Friday. We did one of our favorite things: put E to bed at 7:00, then got a pizza and had a nice bottle of wine out on our patio.

Saturday Matt went to the races and I spent the afternoon and evening with my mom. We went "treasure hunting" at Big Lots where I picked up a couple of cute decorations for autumn and a few other odds and ends. Afterwards we had a nice little dinner at Mill Creek Cattle Company. As good as their smoked tri tip was... Matt's is way better.

Of course I've been snapping away with my camera. Here are some pictures I took:

E thought it was really funny to pull…


Cookie makes him giggle a lot
One of the many silly faces he makes
he has some leftovers from lunch on his face. Geez, doesn't his mom wipe his face after he eats?

Splish Splash

The layout I did yesterday:I tried out my camera yesterday. So far I can only take good pictures with the auto settings, but that's to be expected :) I haven't even had it for 24 hours. I will learn. I ordered a book to help me. Here is one of the pictures I took... I think Cookie looks very regal.
This morning I cleaned my whole house and did some laundry. Why do I mention that every week? Probably because when my house is clean it makes me very happy. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

one of my lists

-I put E in the nursery at the gym for the first time this week. It felt wonderful to work out and just have time to myself. My goal is to go twice a week.
-Ethan and I went and had lunch with my mom yesterday.
-Today we met Faith and Grady at Citrus Plaza. We looked around in Michaels, then got Starbucks and hung out outside. I ran into someone I hadn't seen in 5 years (my high school boyfriend who I dated on and off for like 2 1/2 years)... it was a trip.
-My camera came in the mail today!!!! I am charging the battery right now and can't wait to try it out. The only bummer is the lens seems to have a black speck in it, so I think I'll be exchanging it.
-I am scrapping right now while E naps.
-Matt is very excited b/c he's going to the races on Saturday. I'm going to spend the afternoon with my mom. We might go antiquing and to some thrift stores.
-I loaded up on fruit this week at the 99 cent store. They had good stuff... 6 nectarines for 99 cents, 6 pears, wa…

"sooo big"

Ethan has just started responding when I ask him how big he is, it is super cute. I was able to take a little video clip of it today. I love it that he's finally starting to respond to me.

The Psychology of Happiness

I thought this article about the psychology of happiness was very interesting. If you have a few minutes read it.

A few pictures from the week

As promised here are a few pictures from the week.
Laughing with Daddy on Friday.
Ethan making one of his many silly faces.
Ethan crawls like this whenever he's on the grass or the brick.... it is so funny.
Once again here is our boy hanging on the wine rack. He thinks it's pretty funny.

We had lunch at Panera Bread after church with my mom, Beth, her dad and Matt's parents. Ethan was already SO tired but he managed to make it about 50 minutes, so we at least got to eat and visit for a little bit. I love Panera Bread. He's been waking up at 5:30 again... I'm definitely not digging it. I don't think he digs it either because he's definitely crabbier in the morning when he wakes up that early I am so excited... I have finally saved up enough money to buy my camera and I'm ordering it today. Yippeee! I'm getting a Canon 30D along with a lens. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and to start to learn how to use it :) It has taken me 8 months to save u…

Happy Birthday Christian!

Yesterday we went over to the Flores' to celebreate Christian's first birthday. I just can't beleive it's already been a year. It seems like just yesterday that Danny was calling to tell us he had come (3 1/2 weeks early). We had a great time celebrating this important milestone and had fun watching little Christian run around. Of course I took lots of pictures, so here they are:

Here he is... only one day old last year being held by his mama.
.... and one yaer later, quite a bit bigger in his mama's lap :) Christian got a lot of cool toys... he should be entertained for quite some time :)
Matt and Danny
Kelly and one of her sweet girls (sorry, I'm not sure which one). The babies did great despite being very tired and not wanting to take naps and miss out on all the festivities (Ethan included).
Jolene giggling with her boy. He was stripped down to his diaper in preperation for the cake. Mama didn't want his cute birthday outfit to get dirty.


get your read on

I did something novel on Wednesday. I went to the library and I checked out books.... for free! I know this seems pretty obvious to most people, but I haven't been to the library in years. I'm so excited that I got three books to read and I didn't pay anything for them. I usually buy books used on Amazon, or use but this cost me absolutely nothing :) yay!

While at the library I was waiting at the counter to get my new library card and being helped by a woman who had to have been in her 90's, bless her heart. There were probably about three people waiting behind me, because let's just say this woman was not exactly speedy. Ethan was getting cranky and to top it all off he leaned over in his little umbrella stroller and threw up on the floor and all over my shoe. This was not spitup mind you, this was vomit and it smelled very bad. Ick. My cheeks turned bright red. I realized I hadn't brought in my diaper bag, so I had nothing to c…

Guess that baby

Faith is having a little contest over at her Photography Blog to guess the stats of her upcoming arrival. The prize is a free photoshoot (a $150 value).

In the Clear

After a lot of hassle and hoops, I went to UCR today to meet with the credential annalist to get my teaching credential cleared. I am so so so happy that this time I was able to do it! All that needs to happen is for me to get the final OK from the state (which I'm sure I will). YAAAAAYYYYYYY :)

Oh an p.s. thanks for all your kind words and advice regarding the eating/drinking issues we have around here with Ethan :)

Ethan's 9 month apt.

I just got back from Ethan's pediatrician, he had his 9 month appointment today (a little late). When we got there it was already close to nap time, but by the time we actually saw the doc (45 minutes later) Ethan was done. All it took was for her to lay him on the table and prod him and he was a crying mess after that. This was frustrating for me because I had lots of questions and didn't get to ask them, as it's a bit hard when you're trying to quiet your screaming child.

Ethan's stats:
-18.5 lbs. (10th percentile for weight)
-29.3 inches (50th percentile for height)

I wasn't surprised, I knew he hadn't gained weight and that he'd be in the lower percentile. I told her about my struggles with getting him to eat and drink any form of milk or formula. The doctor told me it's important that he gets 6 servings of dairy a day for brain development. She said to try giving him more yogurt and that I can even try goat's milk, soy milk and almond mil…

A sick weekend

I spent most of the weekend sick with some sort of virus which felt flu-like. I woke up Saturday morning and was pretty much out for the count all day. I had a fever, was nauseous and achy. we were due to host a BBQ at 5:00 that evening and I realized I didn't have the phone numbers for 3 out of the 4 people that were coming (and one was driving two hours to get here). So I prayed that I'd at least feel good enough by 5:00 to enjoy it. Matt was a trooper and took care of Ethan all day, mowed the lawn, smoked some DELICIOUS chicken and pork shoulder and prepare for the BBQ. By about 4:00 I was feeling a bit better and thought that I just might be able to make it. Thankfully by 5:00 was good enough to converse and enjoy the BBQ. I was so grateful as it was a group of friends from my high school youth group. It was fun to see everyone and reconnect. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.

Our computer pooped out again (we thought we had mostly fixed it). It's o…

Recap of the week...

My sister in law Heather and I are trading babysitting every other week. This week she took Ethan for me and I had 3 hours to myself :) I went and got a very nice pedicure, shopped around for a bit at Kohl's (where I found a couple of really good deals... like a shirt for $2.50), then went to Trader Joe's. It was fun to be out by myself. I think the next time she watches Ethan I'll use one of my gift cards and get a massage :) Next week we'll have Jenelle and Clayton. I think this will be good. Time for the mom's to do whatever they want, and time for the cousins to get to hang out. I'm so glad that we live so close :)I got my hair cut.... FINALLY. It was in desperate need of a cut. I like it, it's pretty similar to my normal cut but just a bit different. My mother in law watched Ethan while I went, she was also watching Clayton and Jenelle for Heather, so she had her hands full! Here is a picture she took of the three of them:

E has had a couple of hard d…