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One of those nights

It's 9:30 pm last night and I turn out the lights to go to sleep. We usually go to bed before 10:00 here. The phone rings. We have caller ID. It comes up private so I answer thinking it could be one of a couple of family members who have their name blocked.

me: "hello?"

voice on the phone: "What the h$&& you think you be doing being with Rick?"

me: "You have the wrong number." I hang up.

Phone rings again. Private name comes up. I know it's her again, so I answer.

me: in an agitated voice I pick up and immediately say: "I told you already, you have the wrong number." I hang up.

The phone rings AGAIN. GRRRRR. Now I'm really mad. I pick it up yet again.

me: before she says anything I yell into the phone: "What part of wrong number do you not understand lady?"

lovely lady on phone: "Look B$*%&, I know you being with my man Rick. I'm gonna come beat your @$$".

Ahh lovely. Maybe I should run and h…


Donut: the cake kind with frosting and sprinkles
City: It's a toss up between Wailea(in Maui) and San Louis Obispo
Day: I love any day that my hubby is home
Sitcom: The Office (nothing makes me laugh out loud more than that show)
Movie I saw recently: I watched the Trueman Show a few weeks ago
All time movie: Zoolander
Bread: as long as it's whole wheat I usually like it
Mall: West Edmonton Mall in Canada (it has an ice skating rink, a mini golf course, a water park, an amusement park, and tons and tons of stores!)
Flower: hydrangeas
Ice cream topping: snickers or oreo
Celebrity Hair: Jessica Simpson or Reese Witherspoon
Celebrity style: I don't know, celebrities waste waaaaaayyy too much time, energy and money on being stylish.
Nut: to eat plain: almonds
Dressing: Italian or blue cheese

Good times with good friends

We went up to Oak Glen again yesterday. This time we met the Flores family. We hung out at our favorite place again, Los Rios. We threw down some blankets and lounged on the lush lawn and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery. We hung out there for about two hours and then headed back to our house for dinner. I made gnocchi grotin, one of my favorite dishes (click here if you want the recipe). We also enjoyed a yummy crumb topped apple pie that Jolene picked up in Oak Glen. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening and especially great because we got to spend it with our dear friends :)

Of course I took a ton of pictures, you'd be dissapointed if I didn't, right? lol.

The Flores family enjoying some giggles on the blanket

Climbing on mama is always fun
Fun with the straw.... as usual, he's much more amused by random things than by toys :)

My beautiful sis :)

Jolene put the lid from my cup on E's head and we were laughing because it looked like a clear Yemekah.

He tries…

A bit of randomness from my week

We've had a pretty good week. It hasn't been terribly exciting. I am proud of myself for working out four out of five days this week. It feels so good to be getting back into shape. I can feel myself getting stronger. I did yoga one day, went running two days and went to the gym one day. I had thought Ethan had a cold, but I'm pretty sure his runny nose was due to two top teeth that are coming in. They are the teeth next to the front teeth.

On Wednesday Matt had jury duty. He ended up being excused around 9:30, so he got to come home and pretty much have a day off. It was fun to have him home for the day. We worked on the painting out front for several hours. It's slowly coming along. It feels so good to actually be making progress on it. It's one of those things we've been saying we need to do since we moved here.

Last night I painted pottery with the mom's group from church. I always love doing that. I pretty much love anything creative. I t…

getting closer to walking

Ethan loves to push his little cart around the house. He seems to get stronger on his feet every day. I'm sure walking isn't too far off. Here is a video clip of him that I took today. He is also making his excited noises. He makes us laugh.

Fun Links


Dinner Giggles

Ethan thinks it's hilarious when I make silly faces and noises. Of course I will humiliate myself to no end to get giggles out of him :) Here is a little video clip from dinner last night of me making him giggle.

Oak Glen

Sunday afternoon we took a little impromptu trip up to Oak Glen (we only live about 10 minutes away). The weather was crisp and cool, the air was clear, and it was gorgeous outside. We went to Los Rios and promptly got some crumb top apple pie with ice cream as well as fresh apple cider. We layed a blanket out in the grass, ate our treat, and enjoyed the beauty. Ahhh, what a wonderful afternoon we had together.

Of course I had my camera, and of course I had to take five million shots of my cute lil' boy :)

Here is our attempt at getting a photo of the three of us. Ethan wasn't so into it.

Mmmmmm..... crumb topped apple pie with ice cream. A must when we're in Oak Glen.
Ethan liked getting bites of ice cream

... and a graham cracker to top it off... yum

Playing in the grass
My handsome hubby... I love those dimples :)

What a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Lord for my beautiful family and for your beautiful creation :)

Dog Toys are fun

Dog toys are way more fun than baby toys. Just ask Ethan. He would rather play with Cookie's toys any day. For one thing there are ropes. You can pull lots of fuzz off ropes, which also poses a great choking hazard for babies.

The rubber is much more fun to chew on than any rubber that can be found on his toys.
Plus, it's just plain fun to reach into Cookie's basket and pull all of her toys out. Nevermind that there are several baby toy baskets around the house where the same thing can be done with baby toys. The dog toys are just way more appealing.
Another fun game.... playing "peek-a-boo" in mama's curtains.

Autumn in the house

I love love love to put out decorations for autumn. It is my favorite season. I love the crisp clear air, the leaves changing colors, pear crisp, finally getting to wear a sweater after a hot summer, the pumpkin patch, Oak Glen, the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, feeling chilly and wanting to cover up with a blanket after being roasting hot all summer, and the constant beauty that I see every time I look outside.

Here are a few little things I set out around my house for autumn.

p.s. For some reason I think the word autumn sounds more fun than fall :)

This is my wreath out front (thank you Beth for getting it for me!!)