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Cool baby products

Recently I've purchased a few baby products that I think are blog worthy. I feel like a total dork blogging about them, but I think they are cool so I thought I'd share :)

Gerber Graduate insulated sippy cups
While I haven't tried every single sippy cup on the market, I have purchased at least 8 different kids. So far they have ALL leaked except for this one. Ethan loves to throw his sippy cup and as a result, whatever he is drinking usually splashes onto my floor. This one hardly leaks at all, and most of the time it doesn't leak. That means no cleaning up sticky juice :) It's also insulated so the liquid stays colder longer. I know tons of parents use these cups because I see them all over the place.

The Snack Trap
My sister in law turned me onto these cool things. You put a snack in them, like cereal or goldfish or something, and then your child just reaches his or her fingers inside to get the snack out. When they drop it, throw it, or leave it sitting on…

My Happy Little Pumpkin


Ethan's 1 year/fall photshoot

Two weeks ago we did Ethan's one year photoshoot with Mark Leonard. He is a good friend of ours as well as an up and coming photographer. I love love love his work. We did the first half of the photoshoot at the pumpkin patch. Ethan was pretty mellow, and as seems to be typical when we try do a photoshoot.... would not smile. Despite this, Mark still managed to get some great shots. Check them out on his blog. I posted a few of them here on my blog but they are much higher quality on his. They'll be more to come too :)

Hallowii 2008

Some of you may remember what we did last year for Halloween......
I was two days away from having Ethan and we painted my belly like a pumpkin. We have dinner every Tuesday with a group of our friends and being the big kids that we are we had a "Hallowii party" and dressed up. The "Wii" part is just because we played Wii, and we thought it as was catchy name.

This year we had our second annual Hallowii party, hosted by the Odenbaughs. Those of you are from Southern California will probably appreciate Matt and mine's costumes. Otherwise you're probably just going to think we're dumb. I went as a chola and Matt was a cholo....
Aren't we tough gang members? haha! Me and my "papi cholo". Matt was my vato. haha! We're so totally white, but we thought we were funny. I was totally transported back to my ghetto high school dressed like this. We made sure not to go out into public for fear we might get stabbed or shot! In case you…

New comfortor

Out with the old....
and in with the new....

I have been wanting a new comforter for a while. I was ready for a change, and something with a little color in it. For a while I was scared to decorate with color, which is why our bedroom is mostly tans and browns. I was feeling like it was a bit drab. Anyhow, I think I like the new look. Now I just need a few blue accessories to match. I kinda want blue curtains too :) One thing just leads to another doesn't it?

I designed another blog. This time for my friend Christy :) I'm proud of myself because I even made the backgrounds this time myself, on Photoshop.

Matt's 30th Birthday party

On Saturday we had a party for Matt's 30th at our house. We had a lot of fun. My mom took Ethan for the night so that I wouldn't have to worry about him. She actually came and picked him up at 11:00. It felt so weird to be at home without him. I went and got a pedicure and a manicure :) He did great with my mom and she had a blast having him. I'm glad he was gone because we were up until 2:00. It was SO nice to stay in bed the next morning until 9:00. I hadn't done that in a year! Here are a few pictures from the party:
Danny & Jolene
Thomas and Leighann
The Oates plus Wesley
Patty and Alan
Jeff and Carmen

Matt and James
Me and jolene
The birthday boy
The Oates with Wesley

Jen holding Wesley
Thanks to everyone for coming and helping us celebrate Matt's birthday!

Check it out

Check out the blog I designed for Jolene.

Cake with the family

Yesterday on Matt's actual birthday his family and my mom came over for some cheesecake (matt's requested dessert). We hung out outside and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.

My mom had taken Ethan overnight so that he wasn't here for Matt's party. She didn't bring him back until 2:00, so we got to enjoy a nice morning to ourselves. We stayed in bed until 9:00, then went and had a nice breakfast at Kopper Kettle. We came back home and napped on the couch until my mom brought Ethan. It was a really nice morning to ourselves.... strange to be home without Ethan.... but nice to just be together.

I got matt a croquet set and a bocce ball set for his birthday. We set those up and played a few games. It was fun. Now we have some lawn games to enjoy :)
Matt and his brother Mike
Me and my momma.
Matt and his parents
Me and my honey on his 30th birthday
Daddy and E walking.
Ethan playing with Grammy

bouncing the ball with grandma H.
Clay and E playing in Ethan's little h…