Day 2 in Tahoe

Our second day in Tahoe we took the boys swimming in the heated indoor pool. Ethan loved splashing around. He is a little fish. He cracked us up in the water. Christian on the other hand was quite relaxed. He didn't so much as utter a sound as he relaxed in his wetsuit in his mama's arms.

After swimming we returned to the condo and put the babies down for their naps. We then enjoyed a nice lunch out on the patio. It was sunny and clear and we had a spectacular view. We enjoyed soaking up the rays and relaxing.

Here are a few random pictures from the day:

Ethan is a little monkey. He loves to climb through things and onto things. I think I'm going to have my hands full with him very soon!
They guys sitting out on the patio in the morning.
Danny and Jolene went out on a date on Wednesday evening while we stayed in and watched the boys. They went to the Chart House and then wandered around the casinos. I think they look pretty classy here all dressed up :)
Ethan snuggling on his daddy
Ethan and Christian played very well together all week. They were so cute together. They would look at each other and wave and giggle.
They loved going over to the slider and looking out.
Partners in crime.... they were quite amused with the door stopper here.
We went out on the deck to take a picture but didn't want them out because of the snow. They were not pleased. Ethan looks like a prisoner... haha.


Bro said…
E does look like a prisoner...haha. I laughed when I saw that one. Think E and C are going to be partners in crime like me and Stephan...haha

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