Day 4 in Tahoe

Our final full day in Tahoe was Saturday. It continued to snow and the temperatures were pretty chilly. It was so fun to be all warm and toasty in our condo with the beautiful view of the forest blanketed in snow. After the boys had their morning naps we decided to take the shuttle down to the village again.

We bundled up ourselves and the babies headed out. The shuttle ride was about 20 minutes and the babies enjoyed sitting our laps looking out the windows.
Once we exited the shuttle we went to the buffet up on the 18th floor of Harrah's casino/hotel. It was a nice low key environment with a spectacular view. We got to try a lot of different foods and take our time. E and Christian enjoyed trying some new foods as well.

Baby's first buffet
This is the view from the 18th floor where we ate.... not too shabby :) It was breathtaking.
After our bellies were about to burst we headed out and strolled around the shops. It was snowing and it was so fun to wander around and enjoy winter. Both Ethan and Christian were great and even took naps in their strollers. They loved taking in all the different scenery.

Jolene and I. It was fun to wear a jacket and a scarf! It's hardly ever cold enough here to do that.
Matt took these pictures of me... not too shabby Matt, I think you have some photography skills ;)

Our little family.... I think this is the only shot of the three of us in Tahoe
The Flores family
Ethan in his stroller
Christian in his stroller
Jolene and I stumbled upon some interesting fellows. We couldn't resist taking a picture with them.
Danny and Matt were thrilled to have me take their picture.... can't you tell?

We took the shuttle back to our resort and enjoyed our last evening in Tahoe at the condo. We put the babes to bed and just hung out and cooked up some frozen pizzas. It was a nice way to end the trip.


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