Happy birthday to me :)

Today is my 27th birthday. We celebrated last night with our families. Matt smoked us some yummy pork and chicken. It was delicious! Mom Hekman brought over some yummy cheesy potatoes and my mom brought a salad. It was a great meal.

Jolene, despite having company and getting ready to leave for Tahoe, managed to make me the most beautiful cake ever. She drove all the way over here to deliver it herself. Let me tell you, it was a work of art and delicious too! I didn't want to slice into it. We enjoyed it last night and Matt and I also enjoyed some for breakfast this morning :) hehe.

My brother was very generous and got me this awsome zoom lens that I had been wanting. I am excited to take some pictures with it. My mom got me a super cute sewing basket and a JoAnn's gift card. My parents in law gave me some gift certifcates for the scrapbook store and my brother and sister in law gave me some cash :) I felt very loved! I am super excited about my gifts. Matt's gift to me is a 90 minute massage that I am getting in Tahoe next week.

We are driving up to Tahoe to spend some time with the Flores family in their timeshare. We are very excited. It is 2 bedrooms with a living space so it will be nice. Neither Matt nor I have been to Tahoe. We are looking forward to some beautiful scenery, relaxation and fun times with our friends :) I'll have lots of pictures to post when I return.

I didn't post any more pictures from my birthday because our computer finally crashed big time. It won't even start. We ordered a new one yesterday and should have it soon. I am very glad as our other one was running pretty slow. For now I am on the super slow laptop and I don't have Photoshop on it.

Here is one last picture of Ethan last night. I just wanted to show you how lovely his eye looks three days later. It definitely turned into a shiner. People stare at him when we got out, probably wondering if I hit him, lol. We were saying he looks like a football player.

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, I have felt very special!


Crystal said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!! You deserve every bit of that love from your friends and family...I am so happy they made you feel so special :). I wish I was closer!

Hats wwaayy off to Jolene. Wow. That cake is awesome! She should go into business (in her spare time).

I love you. xoxo
krista said…
Happy Birthday, again! :) It looks like you are having a great birthday!!!! That cake is beautiful...what a good friend! You guys are going to have soooo much fun in Tahoe, it's so gorgeous up there---totally jealous! Have a great time! And take lots of pictures with that new lens!!!
Patty said…
Happy Birthday, Jess! Sounds like you had a great day and have an awesome trip coming up. I have always wanted to go to Tahoe! Have a great time!!
Christy said…
AHppy birthdya my friend! Lots of birthday hugs coming your way!! Love you! Love you! Love you!!! I pray your year is full of blessings and Gods amazing grace.
Oh & Jolene, that cake rocks!!
Jolene Grace said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! We can't wait for you to join us on our adventure in Tahoe. Thanks to all for the kind words on the cake...nothing is worthy of the person I made it for. :-) love you Jess!
Charlee said…
Happy late birthday! What an awesome cake your friend should consider doing that as a side buisness!
Rhonda said…
Happy late birthday Jessica. And I agree with Christy - that cake ROCKS! Go Jolene. I guess I wouldn't expect less. Both of you are good at whatever you put your mind to.
Kelly said…
Happy Birthday Jess! I remember this time last year you were getting quite anxious for little Ethan to come.

Your cake is beautiful! Jolene has such a talent. Her cakes would never end up on cake wrecks :)

Hope you guys enjoy your time in Tahoe!! Then again, from what happened to Christian the other day and now what happened to Ethan you guys are going to be very busy keeping ahead of them!!
Kelly said…
Happy Birthday! I bought a cake decorating kit back in high school and my cakes NEVER looked as good as that one! How thoughtful. :)
Eileen said…
Happy (belated) Birthday, Jess! Sounds like everyone in your close circle was VERY good to you!!! Have fun in Tahoe! (And EXCELLENT cake... so professional looking!) Love ya!
jo said…
Happy Birthday---
I asked Sarah who her favorite teacher has been so far, and wouldn't you?? She said Mrs. Hekman!!!
God Bless, JoAnna Holmes
christy p said…
Happy Birthday!!! That cake looks AMAZING. I am in awe.

Poor Ethan...that shiner looks like it hurts!

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