Pictures from last week

I took these pictures last week before we went to Tahoe but never posted them since the computer was broken. They aren't anything special, I was just playing around with my new lens.

He can become quite fixated with digging in the dirt in this plant
He loves this yellow ball

I see this a lot.... Ethan crawling away from me very quickly, haha.

Gotta love that lovely black eye. At least he's happy! Thankfully it's looking good, there is just a little red spot now from where he hit his face.


Christy said…
ok, he's so stinkin' cute!!!!!
Tawny said…
Ahhh, that eye! Wish I could have seen him at the dinner...but Oak Glen soon! You sure look like you are getting good use out of your big lens! Hey, Amy and I are going to go to Sammy's camera and take a class if you are interested...even though your pics look professional :)

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