The trip home from Tahoe

On Sunday we got up and packed up all our gear and hit the road. We left Tahoe at about 9:30 and began our journey home. The first half of the drive was GORGEOUS! When Matt and I came up it had been dark, so we hadn't seen any of it. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery. It was especially pretty with the dusting of snow and the trees changing colors.

I took these while we were driving and the windows were rolled up, they aren't the greatest, but you get an idea of the beauty :)

Matt thought it was funny to spike Ethan's hair. He looked like a little wild man.
We stopped for lunch in Mammoth and let E stretch his legs and play for a bit. He was cute playing in the snow. He didn't quite know what to think of it.

The drive home took us longer than the drive up... almost 9 hours including stops. We stopped about 4 times to let Ethan stretch and get a break from his car seat. He did pretty well over all, but it was a long drive! We were glad to finally pull into our driveway.

Wow, what a wonderful trip. Thank you SO MUCh Danny and Jolene for inviting us to stay with you guys, we had a blast. We've been wishing we were still there the past couple of days!


Mom h said…
Wow, I almost feel like I was there! What a beautiful place, glad you guys got to enjoy it!
Bro said…
Those are really cute pictures of you and E in the snow. Looks like a pretty sweet trip you guys got to have. Glad you made it home safely :)
Patty said…
Oh wow! What a fun trip! Looks like you had a fantastic time. Great pics. :)
A 90 minute massage and body wrap sounds heavenly!

I'm not jealous or anything. :P
Heather Hekman said…
Good job journaling about your trip. Glad it was such a good time--in so many ways.
Eileen said…
GREAT comments and images of your vacation! I felt like I was a little birdie over your shoulder enjoying the trip with you!
Kelly said…
What beautiful pictures!!!

My favorite is Ethan playing in the snow on the way back home. His little teeth and smile are just so cute!

Looking at your pictures makes me want to drink a big cup full of hot chocolate :) Brrrrr!
Christy said…
that was So fun to read. How great that you all got to do that. I kind of miss the days of strollers where they are all contained and you can walk around. Now mine are always going different directions to look at things. Leashes, ya' thats what i need. ;) Great photos, thanks for sharing.

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