Visit from the Christensen's

I mentioned that last weekend Matt's sister Annette and her kids came for a visit. Here are a few pictures I took:

Annette brough Matt and Ethan and I our birthday gifts. Here is Matt opening his:

Everyone went to the Lucerne valley to launch rockets. I took my nieces Emily and Amanda shopping instead (along with Ethan). Here are some pictures of them in the desert.
Mike getting a rocket ready to launch
Mark and Ian
Ian and Olivia running after a rocket

Annette and her oldest daughter Emily (who just turned 18)
My nephew Ian (12).
My lovely niece Amanda (who just turned 16)
Mike snuggling with Jenelle


Heather Hekman said…
Good collection of pictures.
Annette said…
Jess, I love the pic of Ian and the one of my boys out shooting rockets. Can I have a copy?
Did Matt get any other good rocket shots? In the air? I only got one that looks like a white poof waaaaaaay far away. Oh well, I tried!
ps. the girls enjoyed their time shopping too!
Annette said…
oh, I forgot, the picture of O and I running just about sums up what they both did the whole time we were there! I love it too!

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