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Last week I enjoyed getting together with my cohort from the credential program at UCR. We had dinner at the Olive Garden. It was so nice to catch up with everyone. There were 5 of us at dinner (out of the 7 that were in my cohort). I'm the only loser who no longer teaches (I'm totally kidding, I don't think I'm a loser). It is kind of funny though that I went to college for four years, plus a year of the credential program and then only taught for three years. However, I wouldn't trade this time at home with my baby for anything :) It's precious and it's going by very quickly!

We enjoyed dinner with the Flores family on Thursday night. That's always fun :)

Friday was my brother's day off and so Ethan and I went and met him for lunch in Redlands. It was nice to visit. We walked across the parking lot and enjoyed some frozen yogurt after lunch. It's always funny when the three of us are together because Ethan looks like he could be Jerrod's kid. They do look a lot alike.

Saturday afternoon we did Ethan's one year photoshoot with Mark Leonard. We did half of it at the pumpkin patch and I'm super excited to see how the pictures turn out. I have to hand it to photographers who take pictures of mobile babies... they are not easy subjects! Ethan definitely gave Mark a run for his money (literally). Also in the middle of the photoshoot Ethan scratched his eye bad and it was all bloody... lovely. Thank goodness for Photoshop right?

After our photoshoot on Saturday we went over to Matt's parents house. His sister Annette and her family were down visiting from Sacramento this weekend. We had a delicious dinner to celbrate all of our October birthdyas (mine, Matt's, Matt's dad's and one of our neices). Matt's mom made her famous cornish game hens, fruit salad, a rice dish and a green been dish. We stuffed our bellies and enjoyed getting to spend some time together. After dinner the guys worked on building rockets and the girls played some cards.

The next morning (Sunday) we went back over to Matt's parents house and had breakfast and then everyone headed out to the desert to launch the rockets. I ended up taking my two oldest neices and Ethan to Victoria Gardens for an afternoon of shopping. It was much more our speed and I was quite relieved not to have to deal with Ethan out in the desert for several hours. We enjoyed a nice lunch and spent several hours persuising the shops. It was nice to spend time with my neices as I don't get to very often.

Last night Matt and I were pooped. We watched our recorded episode of SNL and then I was asleep by 9:00. I got nine glorious hours of sleep and it felt good to catch up.

Today Matt is at the Redlands Christian School's yearly golf tournament. Him and three of his buddies play every year. They always dress alike in some crazy outfits and this year was no exception. They are wearing mis-matched plaid. I'll have to post a picture when Matt returns because he has the camera with him.

As for today I went grocery shopping and then enjoyed visiting with my friend Christy for a couple of hours. Tonight Ethan and I are going over to Faith's for dinner since our husbands will be enjoying their dinners at the golf tournament.

I've had a cranky baby on and off for the past couple of weeks. I think it's due to the 6 teeth he has coming in at once (2 have broken through and I can see 4 more just under the gum). He has definitely given me a run for my money lately!

So for all of you who were interested in the play-by-play of my weekend, there you have it, lol.


Crystal said…
I read every bit of it :). I love all of these little details :). Can't wait to see pictures of the mismatched plaid. Love you girl.
Christy said…
loved hanging out with you today. Thanks for taking the time to chat and hlp me get refreshed. Especially since Dan got ordered in for Wed. ugh!

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