A Wonderful Week in Tahoe- Day 1

We headed up to Tahoe after Matt got home from work last Tuesday. We left at 3:15 and arrived in Tahoe at 10:30. It was a long drive, especially at the beginning when Ethan decided he did not want to be in his car seat and screamed bloody murder. After he went to sleep at 7:00 it was a relief and the last part of the drive went by quickly. We went to bed shortly after arriving.

The next morning Jolene made us a lovely breakfast and we enjoyed the beautiful condo. It was great. It had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a fireplace, a HUGE deck and a huge living area.

After the babies took their morning naps we went and explored Tahoe. We stopped at a little beach and took some pictures next to the lake.

We got in our cars and started driving but only made it a block before we spotted a wine tasting room. Of course that peaked our interest so we stopped in and did a tasting. The babes hung out in their strollers and we tried a few different wines. It was fun.

We had lunch at a little cafe next door and then drove around Tahoe and took in some more scenery. The weather was gorgeous... sunny and clear and warm. The beautify of Tahoe was breathtaking.
At one point we saw a bunch of cars stopped and people out by the side of the road. I knew it must be wild life so I made Matt stopped and I hopped out with my camera. I was quite excited to get some pictures of this mama bear....
She was fishing and her cubs were watching her from the bushes. I was SO excited to get a few pictures of her.

We also saw a bald eagle but I didn't get any pictures.

The Flores family next to the lake
I was amused by this little guy. He was very busy gathering newspaper for his nest. He stuffed his mouth VERY full.
There were lots of geese. While I think they are cool I don't think their poo is cool.... they like to take over any patches of grass and fill it with poo.
Two shots of Lake Tahoe.... beautiful

It was a fun day of sightseeing. I could have just stood around and soaked in the beauty for hours.


Crystal said…
The pictures are amazing. It looks so beautiful in Tahoe. I love love love the one of you and Matt laughing (and Ethan screaming at the door).
Bro said…
these pictures are awesome! good work!
The Three T's said…
Those are some great pics! Good job with the mama bear! What an experience! What a good time in God's wonderful creation!
Tawny said…
Those pictures are beautiful! What a fun trip. I've never been there, but after seeing all your pictures,I know that it is def. somewhere we would LOVE to go!!!

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