Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!


At 9:45 am a year ago today I got to meet my sweet baby boy.
Now it's a year later and he's turning one.
What a great year this has been.
I made this video to celebrate his first year of life.
It's kinda long (11 min) and it has music and sound if you want to listen.
Enjoy :)

Now I'm off to get things set up for his party. I'm sure I'll have tons of pictures to share :)


Bro said...

So precious! Those pictures show such a happy little family :)

Grandma H. said...

What precious memories, and now another year to begin recording more firsts!

Rhonda said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Ethan.
I can't wait to see the party pics.

The Keilers said...

I watched the whole thing :) precious. He will treasure these pictures someday (or at least his wife will;).

Jolene Grace said...

so beautiful! I can't believe how fast this year went! Love you sis.

Charlee said...

How beautiful and special that you did that for him. Hope you had a great party!!