Christmas Day

On Christmas Day we woke up and lounged around the house. We headed over to Matt's parents house after Ethan's morning nap and had a yummy Christmas meal. After we cleaned up we let the kids open their presents before their afternoon naps. They all had fun opening gifts. When Clayton and Ethan went down for their naps the adults opened gifts.

After all the gifts were opened we put out some appetizers and played Cranium. It was a nice relaxing day.

Mike & Heather and their kids Jenelle and Clayton (plus baby #3 in the tummy)
Mom and Dad Hekman
I can probably count the times on one hand that I've gone over to Sid & Marlene's and Sid hasn't fallen asleep on the couch or in his chair :) At least he knows how to relax.
Daddy helping Ethan open a gift.

Ethan got some cool wooden blocks and wooden puzzles, come huge legos (duplos), an infant swing and a few other fun toys. He is having fun playing with all his cool stuff.

The three Hekman brothers... Mike, Matt & Dan

Clayton got a really cook dump truck that Ethan was enamored with for a while
Our boy sure makes some funny faces!
I tried to get a picture of Ethan in front of the tree.... but it really didn't happen. He wouldn't give up his binky and would not look at the camera. This is the best I got. Oh well!
Dad openening the chia pet that gets passed around every year

Ethan loved Grandma and Grandpa's rocking horse. This was the first time he went on it.

What a nice relaxing holiday we had this year. We all really enjoyed it :)


Jill said…
Oooh, that rocking horse looks like something that Maddie would love!
Tawny said…
What a nice Christmas, key word in both posts being "relaxing". Who couldn't use one of those! Sammy has almost an identical rocking horse that used to be Joe's...too funny! Maybe Ethan will ride hers when you come over next week!

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