Dec. 11 randomness

A bit of randomness today:

-I spent the morning cleaning my house, yay for a clean house :)

-Yesterday Ethan and I drove out to Chino Hills to visit my brother at work. He is an associate city planner. We got a tour of his brand new, beautiful facilities. He then treated us to a lovely lunch at P.F. Changs. It was fun to visit him and see where he works.

-Tonight we are going over to the Flores' for dinner... looking forward to it :)

-Ethan's cold is rather nasty, but honestly compared to the flu, it is nothing, lol. His nose is dripping like a faucet, he has a bit of a cough, and he's pretty congested. Thankfully he's mostly in good spirits.

-Ethan is into everything lately. I haven't had to put locks on my cabinets because he's been pretty good about staying out of them. That has changed. I NEED child locks ASAP because he is driving me crazy getting into everything. When I take him away from them and tell him no, he throws a tantrum. Lovely.

-Ethan has perfected the "wet noodle". That is when you pick him up, and he throws his arms in the air to make it very hard to pick him up. He then squirms or makes himself as straight as possible. He does this when he does not want to be taken away from something, or he does not want to be picked up. It's a lot of fun.... ha.

-Ethan has been taking steps. He'll take about two or three, sometimes more, but he's not officially walking yet. He likes to go back and forth between the couches.
-Lastly, here are two layouts I did this past weekend:

Hope you all have a great day!


5KidMom said…
As far as cabinet locks go, I can't recommend Tot-Locs highly enough. Take a look and see what you think.
Jessica, I have the Tot Locs also and think they are great. Just wanted you to know that you can also get them at Home Depot. They have a little section with baby gates and locks and such.
I love your scrap booking pages, those will be such treasures.

And I love the little windows into Ethan's naughtiness, not because I don't feel for you (oh I know how tiring and frustrating that can be), but I like knowing how he's growing and changing :).
Tawny said…
Cute, cute, cute! I love your layouts, however I am still laughing about the snail thing! So now I am not only drooling over your layouts that I still to get done (17 pages to be exact) but also your clean house! One more week and a day! Then we can get together!!!
Patty said…
Ah, yes. Gotta love those tantrums, huh? We are seeing those too!
Jolene Grace said…
Christian has perfected wet noodle as is loads of fun.

It was so fun to have you guys here last night. E did great considering the fact that he isn't feeling very well.

Love you sis!

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