fun at the flores casa

How cool is it that we can have sleepovers with our closest friends? The day after Christmas we headed over to Danny' and Jolene's for some fun and relaxation. We stayed in their lovely guest suite and enjoyed about 26 hours over at their casa. We ate some yummy food, played plenty of Wii, and also played Cranium and Beyond Balderdash.

Danny & Jolene got a cool new DSLR for Christmas from her parents so Danny was trying to figure it out and practice taking pictures.
Look at this cute couple I caught smooching :)

Ethan and Christian played pretty well together. Christian is dancing in this picture... too cute.

Ethan enjoyed another rocking horse. Christian's rocking horse is really cool, if you squeeze the ear it makes horse noises.
While we were there Ethan officially started walking. I think he saw Christian walking around a lot and decided he needed to get on the ball. He is now walking everywhere (and still crawling a little too).
I think we were making some Mii characters here. We had fun with that.
We brought two bottles of the same kind of wine from the same vineyard, only different years. We did a little wine tasting with them. It was fun to compare the two.
Look at the couple smooching in the background... hehe. This was my artistic shot.
Thanks Danny & Jolene for a lovely time! You guys are the best :)


Patty said…
Yay for walking! Let the fun begin!! :D
Christy said…
that is fun! We just had our best friends move in next door so we can play all night and then they can walk on home, heee,heeee! Works out great when the boys are up playing the xbox till the we hours and the girls are toast. :)
Eileen said…
Great friends... how precious!

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