Gingerbread Men

On Monday we met up with the mom's group from church and decorated gingerbread men at a place called West coast Whoopies in Calimesa. Obviously I wasn't really expecting Ethan to do much, but I thought he'd enjoy just being there around the other kids.

As you can see he was a bit crabby at first, probably because I had to wake him up from his nap, which also explains the wild hair :) I had to take a picture of that hair.

However, once I handed him a cookie he was quite content. He devoured his gingerbread cookie and then wanted more, but I figured he'd had enough sugar.

Here is his buddy Grady, who also enjoyed his cookie.

mmmm... doesn't that look appetizing?
All done! He's wondering where his next cookie is, as one just didn't quite cut it :)
Of course before leaving I had to order a whoopie pie to bring home. I wasn't actually expecting to like it, but it turned out to be delicious. Matt and I split it later that evening and we enjoyed it.


The Keilers said…
Oh so cute! Love the cookie coming out of the mouth. Classic.
Christy said…
that looks like fun! It's funny cause Morgan & I tried that place fully expecting to love it and we didn't like it at all. Strange since I have rarely met a dessert I didn't like. Your cookies looked greta though and I am sooooo glad you do that moms group. Isn't that fun!!! ;)
Tawny said…
That video is hilarious! He is getting so big...a little man! Hard to believe they grow so darn fast and you don't really realize it till you've seen a newborn again!
Tawny said…
Totally off topic, did you see Pioneer Woman's photography section...she is putting out a second set of action sets! I was there today looking for the first ones after I talked with you and saw that...thought I'd share, but you probably already knew?

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