Merry Christmas!

May the Lord bless you abundantly on this special holiday. Take time to soak in the blessings around you. We pray joy fills your heart no matter where you're at this holiday season.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Thank you for coming to this earth to die for our sins and redeem us.


Annette said…
Merry Christmas to you all too!
The Three T's said…
Amen to that! We are nothing without Jesus!!

And beautiful pictures! God has blessed you with such a beautiful family!!
Jerrod said…
Jolene Grace said…
I agree, you are a GORGEOUS family. Merry Christmas, and we'll see you tomorrow. WOO HOO!
Crystal said…
I so agree with Jolene, you guys are such a beautiful family! You have stayed in such great shape all of these years (and you're gorgeous)! I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas. And yes, Happy Birthday to Jesus. I can't imagine my life without His redemption.
Mark Leonard said…
Jess, that's a great photo of Ethan. Very nice light and bokeh.

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